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  1. Powdermill Nature Reserve (on facebook) recently had side by side comparisons of birds in the hand of Northern Waterthrush and Louisiana Waterthrush. Photos attached.
  2. Edit - Sorry I just noticed this was from a few days ago ? You can put him in a box with the top open somewhere quiet to see if he recovers. Usually a half hour or an hour. If injured you can reach out to a local wildlife rehabber this one is in dallas area https://www.rogerswildlife.org/index.php
  3. There are several bee breeders here in Texas. B Weaver and R Weaver are 2 up in Navasota. They have bred their bees over several generations to thrive here in Texas. If you are capturing a whole wild hive and have made sure the queen is in the capture the only way to ensure she doesn't choose to fly away with her entire harem is to clip her wings.
  4. Red-winged blackbird can have just the pale yellow patches showing - can look white in some lighting. Or Tri-colored blackbird?
  5. Did you buy your queen clipped? You can buy them so their wings are clipped and they can not fly away. Similar to a birds flight feathers being clipped.
  6. I've ordered a live box of honey bees online. I had to pick up at our local USPS store. I got a message something like....please come and pick up your package NOW. ?
  7. There are some reports of half male/female plumaged cardinals and grosbeaks. Perhaps goldfinches as well?
  8. I really enjoyed how hard this weeks quiz was for me. Dusted off my Sibley's and kept going back and forth on most of them. Thanks for keeping the photos challenging and educational ?
  9. I saw this great job opportunity posting on Gulf Coast Bird Observatory facebook account. Please go to facebook to read whole post and there is an Apply Now link. They are my local Bird Observatory doing great work! Gulf Coast Bird Observatory posted a job. 12 hrs · Hello all, we have a temp contracted job opening immediately for a Texas Endangered Species Monitor position (Bolivar Peninsula, TX) Project: Bolivar Peninsula Endangered Species Monitoring, approximately February 14 – May 20, 2022 (sooner start if possible, and may extend longer) Compensation: Commensurate with experience. Field housing provided. This is an independent consulting position. It does not include benefits; a 1099 will be issued for salary earned and contractor is required to submit regular mileage reports. Hours: Monday through Saturday with some Sundays depending on contractor schedule. Job Description: Duties include pre-work and hourly surveys for endangered species (Piping Plover, Red Knots, sea turtles) within construction buffer zone, notifying construction crew members when work stoppage is required due to endangered species presence, answering construction crew questions concerning endangered species, and required reporting for endangered species presence. Endangered species monitor is required to be present during all construction activities. Note that when construction is delayed on weekdays due to weather or other circumstances, weekend work will be required if contractor desires to work on the weekend to make up the time. Qualifications: The applicant should have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, Natural Resources, Wildlife Sciences, or a related discipline, be experienced in avian monitoring and conservation. Previous experience with endangered species monitoring is a plus. Must be able to identify Piping Plover and Red Knot as well as endangered sea turtles. Band resighting experience is a plus. Successful applicant will attend training for endangered species monitoring which includes turtle sign training. Applicant must be comfortable communicating and working with recreational beach users, volunteers, community members, staff of multiple partner organizations, and contractors. A significant portion of time will be spent viewing birds through binoculars and high-powered scopes, and standing and walking outside in beach habitat in hot or cold, sunny conditions. Weather conditions vary and may include cold, strong winds, rain and storms, extreme heat, and high humidity – biting insects may be prevalent throughout the season. Field housing is provided and no pets are accepted. Candidate must be able to physically and mentally work in these conditions. Basic Microsoft Word and Excel skills are required. Report writing skills are desirable. Valid driver's license required. Personal vehicle required for transportation to and from housing and work site. Mileage reimbursement at current government rate in cents per mile. Application Instructions: Send cover letter, resume, 3 references to: Susan Heath at [Email hidden]. Deadline is Friday, February 4, 2022
  10. That was a hard one for sure - I got confused on photo 1 because Dusky-capped Flycatcher doesn't show on the allaboutbirds.com website just Dusky Flycatcher so I went with Ash-throated for number 1 photo. Great comparison of similar species!
  11. @Liam Should we create a new message with our guess so your inbox doesn't get bogged down?
  12. Tail feathers seems kind of short ?
  13. What for more expert opinions but I think this may be an Immature Red-shouldered Hawk. I think I can see some black and white barring on the primaries on the right hand side of the photo.
  14. You can also see the pale translucent crescent near the wing tips
  15. Bumping this up so hopefully someone else can review and comment. Meadowlarks are difficult at the best of times. I do not see any yellow showing in the malar area so my guess (and it truly is a guess) would be Eastern Meadowlark but please wait for more experienced birders to comment. I always love spotting a Meadlowlark ?
  16. Your first photos are of an immature Red-shouldered hawk- note the brown streaking on the chest. The photos above appear to be of adult Red-shouldered hawk - note the reddish-orange barring on chest and bold black and white checkered pattern on the edge of wings
  17. @IKLlandpsst now's your chance ?
  18. I see the same as lonestranger. Do you have photo of a flock of them you could add? That may convince them your count was correct ?
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