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  1. @Liam I was expecting this weeks quiz bird to be a Northern Shrike ?
  2. Wait for the experts but I believe for Red Tailed Hawks the subspecies could be light morphed Harlan's or Krider's
  3. I interpreted the sequence of events by the photos as 1, full swing and a miss 2 full hit 3 and 4 loaded down take off?
  4. To all my fellow birders who dared to guess .....whisper "Hybrid".....Congrats! Alas I was not brave enough :(.
  5. I googled Scrub Jay with orange beak and found some photos of Scrub Jays with orange pollen on their beak/head. Apparently there is a type of bromeliad that can produce an orange flower with orange pollen?
  6. I put my guess in so I won't hold things up ?
  7. I've read that birds are very sensitive to bacteria on cats claws and teeth. So even a small scratch by claw or tooth could be too much even with rehab intervention. I've found my chickens hidden in the bushes frozen in a trance like state before after being attacked by something. I believe they literally could die of fright.
  8. I was thinking this looks like an juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk? Aren't those tail bands too wide for Red Tail?
  9. From my experience - dense, shrubby, swampy areas Red-shouldered Hawks are the main raptor I see in these conditions. They are not picky eaters and seem to be able to move around well in dense/shrubby woods.
  10. Is this the "hint" ? Asking for a friend.... ?
  11. I guessed Willet for the large brownish shorebird....wayyy offff.....lol
  12. That bird on the right had me eyeballing every "brownish shorebird" I could find lol.
  13. Photos taken yesterday south of Houston Texas. First bird (3 photos) seems to have white feathers on the head? Second bird (2 photos) body seems really elongated for Ruby Throated? Any thoughts on IDs? Thank you!
  14. I think Liam likes to use the context of the photo as a clue for us as well. Having said that I will now be researching what I believe to be "beachy' habitat brownish sparrow-like birds lol
  15. I also guessed yellow-rumped warbler ?
  16. I would agree with Mississippi Kite. I see alot of them gather this time of year on the south side of Houston.
  17. We are direct messaging Liam with our guess this week.
  18. Okay so the tree is evergreen correct? Juniper or Cedar....? Thoughts anyone?
  19. This one is driving me crazy. So far I've contemplated mockingbird, thrushes (bluebird/robin), flycatchers (alder?)....now I'm off to review warblers sigh....
  20. I will go with the long shot - Immature Red-shouldered Hawk
  21. @Liam@Kevin Does this site have the ability for a poll? If so, you could provide say 4 answers to the photo and we could select one. So for the bird above you could have the choice of Northern Goshawk, Coopers, Red-tailed and Red-shouldered as an example. Just a thought. I love the identify a bird idea - even if I still can't figure it out with confidence. Best part is it had me review a bunch of raptors hoping I could figure it out lol.
  22. https://www.aba.org/august-2021-photo-quiz/ Since we all struggle with identifying species by bad photos ? Enjoy! @Tony Leukering
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