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  1. Swedish Blue cross would be my guess.
  2. I'm thinking Black Capped. Here is a photo of a Carolina chickadee from my yard here in Texas. The buffy colored chest doesn't seem to be as prevalent down here with the Carolina chickadee in my opinion.
  3. My cousin spends several months every year up in Manitoba video taping local nesting eagle sites and tracking chick hatchings and growth. Her guess is that that eagle is between 2-3 years of age. She mentioned no yellow in the beak yet and the dark head feathers in her email to me. Hope this helps.
  4. @RobinHood Over the years I have purchased some baby ducks at local farm feed stores for my farm. I always let them free range during the day and put them up safe for the night. Typically the breeds I have gotten over the years were Rouen, Pekin, Cayuga, Khaki Campbell (non flyers) and Mallard or Mallard x. I had one female Mallard x that was an excellent flyer. One day a passing flock of mallards flew by and she decided to join them. This is one way that those 3 could have escaped together and joined a wild flock. Muscovy are excellent flyers, very comfortable on land (even sleeping in trees) and more goose like than duck. As far as difference in size I guess it depends on who was Mom and who was Dad :) All the domestic ducks are typically bred very large for dual purpose - meat and egg.
  5. Maybe a blue crowned conure or a white eyed conure.
  6. I have observed two male ruby throated hummingbirds fight until they both tumbled to the ground and then they continued to wrestle around on the ground. Must be exhausting lol! I have one tree that I can view from my window so I put a humming bird feeder on each side the main trunk up close that way sometimes they don't see each other since they come at the feeder from opposite sides of the tree. I too can watch these little beauties all day.
  7. I was looking at the allaboutbirds photo. I think what threw me off in this photo was maybe the second white bar I can see is from the tail area and not the wing? I just need to take clearer photos lol :)
  8. There were quite a few of these small water birds with red beak/face in with a bunch of common coots. Only thing I could find to match was moorhen/gallinule but the 2 white wing patches don't seem to match any photos I could find. Thank you.
  9. This beauty landed in my front yard today.Switched trees a few times then flew down into a swampy area and came up with something small to eat in the tree. Took the photos from inside the house through the windows so quality is kind of poor.
  10. Hanging out near my bird feeders but not going to the feeders.
  11. Had a small flock come through my backyard last weekend. Caught this one photo and wasn't sure if this is a western or eastern bluebird? Thank you.
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