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  1. Cattle Egret and Red-bellied Woodpecker today. Cattle Egret was doing this cool snake movement with it's neck.
  2. "I'm killing this runway diva walk"
  3. I found this interesting article on another flicker with a long bill https://www.bclocalnews.com/life/my-freaky-flicker-was-not-one-of-a-kind/
  4. "Man .... this high wire balancing gig is no joke!!!"
  5. Is the 3rd photo perhaps a youngster? I see some flesh/pink color in the corner of the mouth area
  6. Possibly migrating and tired after crossing the gulf of mexico?
  7. I took the liberty of inserting a photoshopped straight line next to the bill. You can see the bill starting to droop.
  8. Let me check that recipe again...."Yep ...says 1/2 cup of Black Oil Sunflower seeds".....
  9. Looks to me like a Great Egret. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Great_Egret/maps-range
  10. American Goldfinches. First year at my feeders. Nyjer seed helps ?
  11. Wow. Great photo incubating with snow on them. Now that's dedication ?
  12. Fort Bend County Texas - South of Houston. Last night driving home I noticed a raptor/falcon/kite type bird doing some acrobatics. It was close to some "shrubbery" next to an open field. The ID points that I was able to see were - grey wings with black strip from top side view and white belly and white tail underside view. The wings had that sleek falcon/kite shape to them. I have been researching and the only choice I came up with is White-tailed Kite. (which has been reported in this area in previous years and in towns close to this location this year). Are there any other choices I should consider? I have read about the "acrobatics" performed by Kites but have never seen it before. I have my camera with me today. Fingers crossed ?
  13. I have enlarged the photo but don't have software to enhance. I see orange which i think are the legs underlined in red, I also see some orange circled in blue which I think is the beak and circled in black is brown color which maybe tail or vent coloration.
  14. Too pretty IMO to be called "Common Grackle". lol
  15. The orange streaked chest and the black and white striped wing feathers I believe are unique.
  16. I don't think that wing shape or the birds coloration support Bald Eagle. I believe the angle of the photo is possibly showing the other wing tip looking like the beak. If I were to guess I would say an accipiter of some sort - juvenile Coopers perhaps?
  17. The male Northern Harrier I believe is nicknamed the "Gray Ghost".
  18. Flashdance music came to my mind lol
  19. "Willamenia's intensive training clinches her the lead role in Swan Lake"
  20. What was said can be interpreted in different ways. It has been proven that typed words can have their meaning changed by different inflection on a certain word in the sentence. I agree with @AlexHenry "why only think?" can also be interpreted as encouraging the person to be more confident in their ID etc. We have had this discussion before and in an online forum anyone can choose to answer the question in any manner they want. The person looking for a replay can scroll through all of the answers and choose the reply they like the best and ignore the others. Some people give short answers, funny answers, long detailed answers, some ask questions back or provide resources or advise them to look it up online. Some people want to readily give the answer to the asker and some people want to teach them how to research it for themselves. Some people have more time to contribute and some have less. The ability to answer in the manner that best suits you is your choice. The rules are clear on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. I think all answers are valuable and I appreciate input from multiple people. My 2 cents.
  21. I am not sure which part of Mexico you are in but could it be either of these birds? https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Curve-billed_Thrasher https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/LeContes_Thrasher/
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