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  1. OK, thank you for the help! We were hoping for something more exotic. Why don't the red-tails near our house eat squirrels? We have seen a red-tail just sitting on a fence just ten feet from a squirrel, and both just ignored each other.
  2. These photos were taken September 5 in southwest Ohio. We were walking along when this raptor flew very low, directly over our heads, holding a dead squirrel. I thought it might be a red-tailed hawk as they are common around here, but this bird looked larger, and I thought red-tails were not strong enough to carry a squirrel. Sorry for the horrible picture quality, but this was far away, into the light, with an iPhone (it was all we had at the time).
  3. How embarrassing. We are such bird noobs. So the prey's breakfast sounds like its predator. thank you for your help!
  4. This sound clip was recorded at the end of April in Ohio. We often hear these owls hooting in the distance and I finally got a (horrible) recording of one of them. It is very faint, around 8-10 seconds into the sound clip. Is it a great horned owl? bird-id-help.mp3
  5. Well, that makes us feel silly. We thought bluebirds always had orange on the breast, so we did not even consider the possibility. Guess not for the juvies.
  6. We have been trying to get a photo of this bird for three days, he never sits still long enough. Every morning he sits on the fence for a few seconds, jumps down and eats something (bugs?) flies back up to the fence, repeat. Finally got this one blury photo. Young blue jay? Some sort of martin? What is this?
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