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  1. Kevin I wouldn't be jealous if I were you. I just enjoyed viewing your collection of birds linked to. You have been blessed with so many! I'll share this one with you since it is on your list ? Aplomado Falcon by MedicineMan4040, on Flickr
  2. And thanks to all who confirmed the ID. I hope the ID of Golden Eagle doesn't change with this flight shot.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. The shot of this raptor I posted was a phone shot of the bird on my computer and that shot from my camera, so again apologizing for the image quality. I did get to shoot the Eagle flying and will post that one here if any have an interest. I just need to find the file and process it. Memory says it was better than the shot on the telephone pole. Robert
  4. Sorry for the poor photo. Found this raptor on a telephone pole 30-40 miles south of Billings Montana while vacationing out west last week. I think (well I hope) it is a Golden Eagle. I've always wanted to see one. Thanks very much, Robert
  5. OK I'll name this one a juvenile Ferruginous Hawk when I post to Flickr. Thanks to all of you yet again. Robert
  6. Mark it was in the Bosque del Apache Refuge last month. Aves thanks :)
  7. Remember I will buy the whatbird app as soon as it becomes available for Android, so please in the mean time help me with this hawk. Because of previous help from this site I believe it to be a juvenile Ferruginous but am not 100 percent and don't want to call it something it is not :)
  8. Thanks HamRHead. I'll check on it from time to time and purchase when it has the 'sleuth' ability.
  9. Wonderful info! Thanks so much. I do wish iBird Photo Sleuth was available for Android, yep I'm one of those. I did find i-Bird Pro for Android, will it also analyze a picture I've taken like Photo Sleuth??? ?
  10. Wonderful info! Thanks so much. I do with iBird Photo Sleuth was available for Android, yep I'm one of those ?
  11. Thank for the kind words. The better-half and I love imaging raptors.
  12. The bird gurus on Flickr are saying the bird in images 1 and 3 is a Harlan's Hawk. Anyone else agree? Honestly I love all hawks! So the exact ID is just for fun and curiosity.
  13. New here and posting per a suggestion from a friend on Flickr. Trying to determine a specific hawk. IMaged two weeks ago at Bosque del Apache New Mexico USA. Hoping these images can help with the ID. Help ID Please by MedicineMan4040, on Flickr Help ID Please by MedicineMan4040, on Flickr Help ID Please by MedicineMan4040, on Flickr I know Red-tailed Hawks, and feed two in my backyard daily....surely this is a Red-tailed variant and I've heard many suggestions including a Harlan's Hawk, immature Ferruginous, etc. Your thoughts appreciated. Robert
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