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  1. Sure, but you will have to pay the plain fare.
  2. It takes a moth plus for everything rare I post.
  3. Please your majesty! Could we slow down just a little?
  4. Yeah, not much traffic this mourning. In about half an hour we are going to leave to eat the best oven fried chicken you ever have ate. My grandfather makes it, he puts it in about an inch of oil, and turns it about every five minutes. By the time is is done it is the best meal I will eat all year. And of course the is the mashed potatoes that are 25 percent butter, and the fruit salad... Now that your mouth is watering, how long till lunch?
  5. That photo is funny! Edit: This is not my caption.
  6. I saw some American Wigeon today. It was a yardbird!
  7. @SeanbirdsAre you going to post the next photo?
  8. I beg to differ. There is one in the right side of the first photo, and there is one in the center of the second photo.
  9. I didn't think about it, but I should have made this week's bird Wild Turkeys(This post just might be a bump in disguise).
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