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  1. Your welcome! I'm glad to see a new member starting to become active, it has been awhile since that has happened.
  2. Here is the one for checklists: https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/13387-your-checklist-of-the-day/page/48/#comments
  3. What all birds do you get at you bird feeder @SteveEarsom?
  4. It's a Gull-billed-orange legged-Foster's-black-legged Tern.
  5. https://ebird.org/species/plwduc1/ Sorry if this is a repeat, my memory say's "I don't think it has been posted but..." https://ebird.org/species/norscr1/ https://ebird.org/species/horscr1/
  6. https://ebird.org/species/blnswa2/ https://ebird.org/species/ltgsta1/ https://ebird.org/species/cabgoo1/
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