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  1. I found a Northern Mockingbird nest a few years ago and I got dive bombed and took to my heals.
  2. The Females are smaller than the males. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Red-winged_Blackbird
  3. so I have a pare of Blue-grey Gnatcatchers feeding a juvenile brown headed cowbird. It is out of the nest and can fly short distance at a time. and I was wondering if there is anything I should do?
  4. Forget that I will go with l´╗┐ark bunting .Also I'm sorry for clogging up this thread.
  5. That was my first thought to but would you not be able to see some white?
  6. Black Headed Gulls? Also is there any Mediterranean Gulls here? Budapest Hungary May1st.
  7. I will try to post photos next week some time.
  8. Welcome to Whatbird! Your location would help a lot. Also do you have a photos of the feathers?
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