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  1. It is here! I went out for about 15 min to play with it, and so far I like it, except that it zooms out much more slowly, or so it seems. In reality it is only about a half second slower to reach the same point as the p900 It's pretty hard to find anything out and about this time of day it just too hot for the birds to be hiding. But there were a few birds around, all in horoball light of course.๐Ÿ˜’
  2. So which of his two captions won?
  3. Birding is just for fun, you don't have to sign anything in blood, and there is no million dollar prize. You can count or not count whatever you want for your personal list. On eBird you need to do things different. We will say you heard something rare and you are sure of what it is, but you didn't see it. You should go a head and report it to eBird if you know what it is. That does not mean you have to count it on you life list, if you don't want. Now we will say you heard a Red-tailed Hawk, but you don't want to report it, fine, don't, probably no is coming to chase a Red-tail. But be sure to check the "no" on the "are you reporting all the spices you were able to identify?" So in other words: 1. Count what you want on your personal life list. 2. Try to be as accurate on eBird as you can. If you don't want to count on your own list, don't, but go a head and report it to eBird. And let others have a chance at seeing it and help eBird/the scientist who are trying to track birds, see how they are increasing/declining, etc.
  4. The lense is fully extended in 3: 34 seconds any other zoom it will do is electronic. I have never noticed the coloring being off in the least, except in max zoom, a long ways off and in bad lighting. As to the auto focus, I can't say it's any better. As you mentioned, if a bird is sitting on a wire or something with be background being distant it can be hard to get it to focus. It is also really hard to get a photo of a bird in flight. Over all it was a great camera, also I don't blame Nikon at all for it breaking. It was my first camera and it went through some rough things that this next one will not have to. I will let you know about the p1000 when it gets here.
  5. You You all all need need to to get get more more creative creative about about double double posting. posting.
  6. Nikon Coolpix P900. No we didn't it had other problems.
  7. I just did a search, and I think they are really katydids.
  8. Welcome @texasuser88! That's not a bird, it is a bug.๐Ÿ™‚ That is what around here we call a cicada. I don't really know what they really are but there are thousands of them in central Texas every summer. If you dive out in the country right now you would hear hundreds of them. In fact as I'm typing this I can here them. @Seanbirds Might know what they are.
  9. Maybe @Caley Thomas is not familiar enough with all the possibility's yet to not know there isn't some other bird that looks just like it.
  10. @Charlie Spencer seriously, we didn't know you were so advanced, thought you we still using cassettes.
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