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  1. That should be are not our. Another reason for a longer editing time.
  2. I agree with Bald Eagle I know the feeling.
  3. We live out in the country, and have 25 acres. (On our three mile road there is all of five houses.) There is a field across the road. A small creek runs threw our land, around the creek it is heavily wooded. The rest of our land is lightly wooded. Yes the Siskin was in my yard. Most of the photos I post our in my yard. https://ebird.org/MyEBird?cmd=list&rtype=loc&r=L8143448&time=life
  4. I have only seen two. Both solitary males.
  5. Why can we not have a longer editing time? Now that I have complained... I got 13 yearbirds, at this pond today! https://ebird.org/checklist/S63372176
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