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  1. That could be catastrophic! I'm one the my county's top birders.😬
  2. Ooo! That's it! I just couldn't place it!
  3. Thanks, I thought it might be. The habit fit well for one.
  4. Thanks y'all! @Hasan @Avery do y'all have a guess, on the audio?
  5. I got Lesser Goldfinches, an Eastern Kingbird, and two Orioles!!!!!!!!!!!! Please take a look at the Orioles, some times I have trouble with them.... https://ebird.org/checklist/S94833440
  6. Swainson's Thrush quadruple confirmed.
  7. Ok! There had been one around. The audio anyone?
  8. The audio was coming out of a clump of trees that were too thick too see through. Though I did think the bird was brownish, but there were several cardinals in there to, it could have been one of those I saw. The Flycatcher I thought was a phoebe when I took the photo but now I am not so sure. Thanks! This week, Palo Pinto County Texas. Untitled.wav
  9. Alright, I throw out a bit more of my opinion. It is a common species but a rare subspecies, of course this all assuming I am right(which is unlikely)!
  10. It's Friday! @Liam I think you should just go ahead and reveal the bird now, because I have already guessed, and really want to know how bad I did!
  11. I don't know about that, but I do know @Liam has been picking rare birds, so I would guess this is one too.
  12. It is always fun to see Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks!
  13. Well I will give y'all all a tip, it is a Sparrow!
  14. I thought @lonestranger had a good idea...
  15. Maybe I am just too trusting and think people would just always tell the truth, but I don't think there are a bunch of people who are "padding" their list, but I don't doubt there a very few people who "pad" their lists. I think for the most part, when someone who has list like the one you are talking about, they probably are a really good birder, or not so good birders who are misidentifying a lot of the birds they are seeing.
  16. I think I had a large advantage over everyone else, because I knew what the tree was!
  17. Aha! I now know why nobody has ever come to hide in my house willingly. It is because I don't have any doritos, particularly the blue ones that are "Cool Ranch".
  18. No, they couldn't even comp up with a new name for the largest city, or their state.
  19. Has anyone else been to Quitaque Texas? (If any of y'all can pronounce that right, with out looking below, I will be shocked!) Beware! If you want to guess how to say it, do it before looking at the bottom of my post! Quitaque = Kitty-quay
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