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  1. I did a search on Amazon and these came up. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Binoculars+with+bulit+in+Camera&ref=nb_sb_noss
  2. Welcome to Whatbird! I agree with Spotted Towhee.
  3. @gstacks Do you have any more photos, showing the bill and or wing pattern better?
  4. Thank you for the thoughts every one! I can not say that it was only eating berries, but I did see it eat at least two. I would not rule out any birds because of my judgment of the size of the bird. The only expected warblers here right now are: Orange-crowned, Pine, Yellow-rumped, and Common Yellowthroat. I think it may have been a Nashville Warbler. It did have some white behind the legs. As you can partly see in the second photo. (In the original post.)
  5. This bird had a grayish-green back, and a yellowish chest. This bird was eating berries of a Ashe Juniper tree (More commonly known as Blue Juniper). It seemed lager than a Orange-crowned Warbler. Sorry for the horrendous photos. Today Palo Pinto Co. TX. Thanks!
  6. Yesterday I saw two Crested Caracaras attacking a Black Vulture, and calling VERY loudly! In a few minutes they flew over landed in two different trees, then flew on. Not a lifer, but a yard bird!
  7. It looks like a Eastern Red-tailed Hawk to me.
  8. It looks like a common to me. But wait for the experts. @akandula
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