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  1. Today, Pine Siskin and American Goldfinch.
  2. They need to put some Greenish-browns or maybe camouflage for sale.
  3. That is what I thought most of the answers would be! Yes! The reddish-brown on the end of the wings is normally lighter. I am not sure what is up with the white blotches on it's back. When I saw it at first I thought it was a Bald Eagle to. But then It flew over me with a pink head and white trailing the edge of it's wings. I was (To say the least.) disappointed. Edit: Why am I out of likes again? I don't think I have used one all day.
  4. Today is slow, so I thought I would see how many people know what this is. I do know what the bird is. This week, Palo Pinto Co. TX. (North central TX.)
  5. 1 Vesper Sparrow 2 Yes. 3 and 4 -Northern Harriers. 5 I think so. 6 Red-tailed Hawk.
  6. Black Headed Gulls? Are there any Mediterranean Gulls here? @akandula Budapest Hungary May1st. Thanks!
  7. @Lee Jones You did not get your photo posted. And welcome to Whatbird!
  8. Welcome! I agree with Spotted Sandpiper.
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