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  1. Saw this recent discussion between a great egret and a river cooter.
  2. I've liked this photo of an eastern kingbird since it was taken earlier this year.
  3. Last week in northeast Alabama. Caught this gull, but there were ring-billed and herring gulls around. Not sure on this one. Thanks.
  4. Seen today in Northeast Alabama. Juvenile mockingbird (those 2 wing bars seem too prominent) or something else? Size was more so sparrow sized or a bit larger. Terrible photo, taken back toward the sun and significantly croppped. Any ideas?
  5. So, they are all rusty blackbirds, except for a brown-headed cowbird? Thanks for all the input.
  6. Here are some other photos, not sure if same birds.
  7. Please confirm Brewer's blackbirds for these. There were several nearby rusty blackbirds. Today, Northeast Alabama. Thanks
  8. Another song sparrow. It hopped up on this rockpile, made for a nice photo, I thought.
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