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  1. Is this tern identifiable. NE Alabama, last week. thanks
  2. Recent nice sunrise pic over this wet weather channel in north Alabama. Is often nearly dry in summer. I've seen great egrets, great blue herons and even wood storks here.
  3. Was hoping this is a broad-winged hawk, but unsure. Maybe immature red-shouldered? Did not get a look at its chest. North Alabama this am.
  4. Here's 2 more pics. There were 2 of these pectoral-sized sandpipers with a pair of greater yellowlegs. I think the bird in the pic with red-winged blackbird is the left bird in previous pic, but not for sure.
  5. Today, Eufaula NWR, Alabama. Poor, distant photos. Was thinking pectoral, but not sure. The left bird's chest very light, but could be the lighting?
  6. Confirm lesser scaup? Today, north Alabama
  7. "That took some effort". Hope no one minds some potty humor
  8. Posted this pic in another thread several months ago. It goes well in this topic.
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