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  1. Thinking Bay-breasted warblers in these low-light, cropped pics taken late this afternoon in north Alabama.
  2. OK, thanks for the tip on the eyes. Juvenile RTH then. When I saw this in the field, it looked small consistent with a falcon.
  3. Please confirm merlin, today in north Alabama.
  4. Please confirm blackpoll warbler. Yesterday, Alabama
  5. Juvenile golden eagle, I think. Location?
  6. Aren't pectoral and stilts about the same size? 8.5 - 8.8 in. Bill seems long for a pectoral and lacks the usual breast streaking, but I'm certainly no expert.
  7. Thanks. Upon further review, could the bird in first pic be a stilt sandpiper?
  8. North Alabama in the past week. With the first picture, are both birds least sandpipers and there is a depth of field trick making the closer bird's legs and bill look too long for a least? Or is the closer bird something else? Second picture, confirm Buff-breasted sandpiper thanks
  9. First pic taken 10 days ago. Second pic today. Alabama. Was thinking lesser for the first and greater for second, but unsure
  10. Could this be a female Cerulean warbler in this heavily cropped photo? North Alabama today
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