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  1. Guide said Gray-lined Hawk but I believe it may be a Zone-tailed Hawk or other??
  2. I finally figured it out as a female Silvered Antbird. The beak looks a slight bit longer than the images I googled.
  3. Not sure where we were but it was not the high mountains & not the lowlands.
  4. I checked my few other images & am undecided. Thank you though.
  5. Most excellent identifying. Thank you a lot. The Speckled Tanager really fooled me. I had suspected it but rejected it.
  6. Thanks - You are correct (I double checked.). I guess we were pretty tired after identifying several thousand images.
  7. Photo taken last week at Cuffee River Nature Center. Mountains
  8. Photos taken last week at Asa Wright Center - Central North Mountains.
  9. Seen last week - not sure where in Tobago. Pretty sure they are not same bird.
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