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  1. Lifer Black Noddy ft. @Caley Thomas 2.0
  2. The bill on the Myiarchus birds look better for Brown-crested than Nutting's, but I won't say that definitively. 🙂
  3. Fan-tailed Warbler (ABA #598, Life #710) Hermit Warbler (ABA #599!! Lifer like 590 in Mexico in 2022).
  4. To add a couple things to this discussion - if you are getting photos in bulk showing up as unconfirmed, it may be a good idea to check the checklist. Sometimes checklists get flagged for a variety of reasons (most usually relating to inaccurate/imprecise location or distance traveled). Photos on flagged checklists are automatically unconfirmed and their status is a reflection of the checklist issues, not necessarily their identification. Secondly, as others have stated, any member of eBird with over 100 checklists can report an image, so it's not necessarily the reviewer's doing. However, reviewers have a responsibility to reach out to users when misidentified media comes into their queue. I reach out to 100% of users when I receive these types of submissions in my queue. I don't know why any good reviewer wouldn't. It's possible re-review submissions are sitting at the bottom of their queue and are sitting unconfirmed until the reviewer makes a decision on them. I think a lot of re-reviews are derived from misidentified media that show up in eBird quizzes. I doubt anyone is sorting through hundreds of media by one individual for the occasional mis-ID. And finally, you have two ducks here, although they look deceptively similar to each other. The initial bird is a Blue-winged Teal hen and the second is a Gadwall hen. Set plumage aside and you'll notice the difference in structure: the first bird has a larger, rounder head, a longer body, thicker neck, and a larger, slightly spatulate bill while the second bird has a more square head, stockier proportions, thinner neck, and a slimmer bill. The bill on the Gadwall is also edged in yellow. Regarding plumage, the teal has a darker crown, darker flanks, and white eye arcs.
  5. My recommendation would be to contact the reviewer for this particular county and tactfully and politely bring up the ID and why you think it's X species, which gives the reviewer an opportunity to respond with their ID process. However, we can clearly see that they are mistaken (or perhaps they are just sloppy and are conflating the words "shoulder" and "tail" when they are reviewing on the fly), so I would recommend CC'ing on the e-mail someone else, maybe another respected expert in the state or like Bill Clark or something, who can bring their perspective to the table as well. Just be tactful and gracious about it. There's never any need for passive aggressive subtext in these types of discourse. Maybe even start the email thanking the reviewer for their voluntary commitment to eBird. I do see that one of the members on the checklist has a public profile with their e-mail included on it. It may be a better idea to reach out to them directly to discuss the ID.
  6. Pale nape creates a capped appearance - looks good for Cooper's.
  7. These guys are a hot mess. In the contact zone (roughly Aransas up to Bexar counties and following the I-35 corridor up to the OK border), any given Titmouse is almost certainly part of the hybrid swarm, with some mix of Black-crested and Tufted genes and phenology. Floresville is on the western edge of the contact zone, so if this is an intergrade, it likely has greater Black-crested influence than Tufted and should appear more "pure" Black-crested than hybrid. Compare this bird to pure Black-cresteds in say Starr County or Randall County and you'll see very little difference. Even pure birds far from the contact zone have some brown on the front. I'd say this bird is Black-crested enough that you wouldn't have any trouble submitting it as such to eBird, iNat, etc.
  8. None of the birds in these photographs appear to be slam-dunk Greater to me. That female in the second photo still appears to have the head peak closer towards the nape than the forehead and overall the head doesn't have the bulk I associate with slam-dunk Greaters. I'd have put it in the Greater/Lesser bin or even just Lesser. All the birds in the first photograph look suitable for Lesser.
  9. I see no reason not to call these Leasts. They really are the only peep at Phinizy this time of year (where they are abundant) and plumage-wise these fit the bill. I would expect Semisands to show more contrast overall and have a less extensive band of brown on the breast.
  10. Hey Ronan, I tried to send an e-mail via the eBird review portal, but following eBird's maintenance last night, there are some bugs that for some reason won't let me send e-mails via eBird. Rusty during molt will retain some brown feathers from basic plumage, giving them a mottled brown and gray appearance to varying extents, which is where they derive their name. The best way to differentiate the males of the two species is by tail shape. Brewer's have a straighter tail relative to Rusty's more spatulate tail. Unfortunately, we can't see the tail shape in this photograph. The two species segregate quite effectively by habitat. Rusty prefer the flooded forest habitat and swamp areas that can be found throughout Phinizy while Brewer's in Georgia (at least in my experience) are almost exclusive to agricultural areas, especially those with cattle. Richmond County has yet to produce a Brewer's record, although I suspect the species may occur near Blythe or Hephzibah where suitable habitat exists. I wouldn't expect a Brewer's to be within Augusta's city limits.
  11. My first bird was a Great-tailed Grackle. Happy New Year.
  12. The back does not look particularly bleached nor does the head profile appear to match Canvasback to me. I won't take a gander at the actual ID though...
  13. @Caley Thomas 2.0 I believe you have a Nutting's Flycatcher to add. 🙂
  14. Okay, I offer #716, Eastern Whip-poor-will again. From Corpus Christi, Texas this year.
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