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  1. oogla-boogla

  2. Let's just say the western field guide might come in handy here. Especially if you look at bill size and belly color.
  3. Best thing to do is use the old message you already have with me. New threads bog down the inbox.
  4. Okay folks, the time has come for the first quiz of 2022! And it's a tough one! Bird 1: Bird 2: Bird 3: IMPORTANT: When you send me your quiz guesses, be sure to note which guess goes to which bird. Also, if you do not want your name on the scoreboard, let me know. Otherwise I will assume you want to be included. No additional points will be counted for subspecies, age, or sex for these individuals.
  5. Y'all better get ready to study up on FLYCATCHERS
  6. Hey man I didn't mean that hard. That's on you
  7. Who's excited for a new quiz today?? SMASH that like button!!
  8. Bill is too large for Pacific. I agree with Common.
  9. Okay, so the NEW SCOREBOARD will be on google sheets. It's OPT-IN so if you want your points to be counted, let me know in a DM with your guess. You only need to DM me one time. You can opt-out any time in the same manner. The first quiz of 2022 will be this Friday. I'm always accepting quiz photos, so if you have a good photo of a tricky ID, send it my way!
  10. Attwater is a great place to find Sprague's. I've noticed they allow close approach more there than other places I see them in Texas. The best way to find them elsewhere is to walk wide open fields and flush them. They'll fly really high up in the air making alarm calls that resemble a robin and then they dive to the ground in one dramatic swoop. Once you memorize that call and flight pattern they're really easy to find in the proper habitat (and at that point access to habitat becomes the issue).
  11. That warbler song is a Northern Parula. Black-throated Blue are more hoarse and the notes are more drawn out. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/236862571
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