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  1. Thanks to those of you who participated! This week's answers are: 1) Greater Pewee - from Cochise County, AZ in May 2017 2) Greater Pewee - from Harris County, TX in October 2021 3) Western Wood-Pewee from Union County, OR in July 2016 Greater Pewee can be very similar to Wood-Pewees, but have a more peaked or crested crown seen in photos 1 and 2. They also have less contrasting wingbars. In photo 2 we see that the crown is not peaked or crested, so we can assume it is a Wood-Pewee. Eastern and Western are not really distinguishable by plumage, to my knowledge, so based on my hint for location, Western is a good guess. Pewees can be differentiated from Empidonax spp. by their darker plumage (kinda smoky gray), very long primaries, and smudges on the undertail coverts (to a lesser extent on Greater). Here's the scoreboard! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O-lJlp8rr2VAK3CFkMpCkMB-ayTbV7Us/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=104899496886098762905&rtpof=true&sd=true
  2. I agree. It's got that owl-shaped face which you can see surprisingly well from this angle.
  3. I've received only two responses! Is this thread dead now? 😕 Maybe y'all just need a hint on the location! 1) west of Austin, TX 2) east of Austin, TX 3) west of Austin, TX
  4. Thanks Kevin for holding down the fort!! It's good to be back! I'm going to Big Bend and the Guadalupes until the 17th so expect the answer after that! That serves as your location hint for the third bird. 😉 I hope you like flycatchers!
  5. Awesome lists, by the way!!
  6. Well I'm assuming everyone is DMing you this week 😂
  7. I'll let Kevin finish out this one and then I'll take over!
  8. Guess who just submitted their thesis to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies!!
  9. https://ebird.org/species/berpet https://ebird.org/species/grgmac/ https://ebird.org/species/alatyr1
  10. Yes, ma'am!! FYI, the historic name for Bachman's Sparrow was Pinewoods Sparrow. I do advocate for the name change, even though that has some pretty severe implications for my manuscript! 😛
  11. Kevin will be taking over from here on! Thanks Kevin!
  12. Sorry again for the delay! Here's the scoreboard with the last two weeks quizzes totaled up! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O-lJlp8rr2VAK3CFkMpCkMB-ayTbV7Us/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=104899496886098762905&rtpof=true&sd=true
  13. Sorry y'all, I'm just slammed with thesis stuff lately. After I calculate the latest scoreboard from the past two quizzes, I think I will have to take a break from moderating the quiz until I've finished my master's in May. I'd love for the quiz to continue in my absence though, so y'all should have no problem keeping it going until I'm back. I think @Kevin is the natural interim successor, but I know y'all have expressed interest switching roles, so I'll leave that up to you. Stay tuned for the latest scoreboard!
  14. Answers due Monday, March 21st. I'll update the scoreboard before then. Thanks to Kevin for putting these 3 photos together
  15. Y'all are doing great at getting these guesses in on time! My brother is visiting this week so hopefully I have time tomorrow to write up the results.
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