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  1. One day left! Get your guesses in if you haven't already!
  2. Are you suggesting this is a Crane Hawk? 🥴 I never said my quizzes are restricted to the ABA area, after all...
  3. That second pic really changes things up! The throat looks a lot paler than it did in the first pic and the bill is clearly thicker than I originally thought. Bill doesn't look flat enough for a pewee. I'd call it a juvenile Traill's and in Oregon it's gotta be a Willow.
  4. That was the intent! Time to learn the differences. 😉
  5. Here is this week's quiz bird!
  6. Thank you for your submissions!! This week's bird is a Bay-breasted Warbler!! Based on the size of the bird compared to my hand, we can tell that for a warbler, it is fairly large. The tail is short and bill narrow, ruling out Pine Warbler. That leaves us with Blackpoll or Bay-breasted Warbler and the dark feet confirm Bay-breasted. It has vague streaking on the back and a slight tinge of bay on the sides. This bird was identified as a hatch-year male based on plumage and molt. This photo was taken at Splinter Hill Bog (Baldwin County), Alabama on October 22nd. Those who guessed Bay-breasted Warbler get 3 points, those who guessed any species in Setophaga get 2 points, and anyone who guessed any species in the family Parulidae gets 1 point. 1 additional point is awarded to those who guessed hatch year and 1 additional point is awarded to those who guessed male. Here's the 10/15/21 scoreboard. _________________________________ 1. BirdingBoy - 26 points 2. Kevin - 25 points 3. BirdNrd, TheBirdNuts - 23 points 4. Connor Cochrane - 22 points 5. Kerri - 21 points 6. Aidan B, IKLland, stitch58 - 20 points 7. Avery, meghann - 18 points 8. Kansasbirdguy, PalmWarbler - 15 points 9. MichaelLong, Peromyscus - 11 points 10. Seanbirds - 9 points 11. PaulK - 7 points 12. Lonestranger, quiscalusquiscula - 6 points 13. Johnd - 5 points 14. EdHogg - 3 points _________________________________ Let me know if I missed you on the scoreboard or if I made any other errors. Thanks again for your submissions! This week's quiz will be posted shortly.
  7. Hard to see the nape, but squared tail suggests Sharp-shinned Hawk.
  8. I agree - note the belly band and dark patagial marking.
  9. Pattern could be a result of leucism, but Red-taileds are so variable I wouldn't be surprised if it was simple plumage variation. Harlan's dark morphs have a varying amount of white. Tail pattern certainly favors Harlan's, based on my limited knowledge of their identification. Tarsi feathering is another feature commonly implicated in differentiation from Red-tailed, with Harlan's having more feathering on the tarsi.
  10. I agree with Say's Phoebe based on coloration and bill size/shape. The bold wingbars and fleshy gape indicate that this is a juvenile bird.
  11. Answer will be posted early today because I don't feel like working right now.
  12. Reminder that tomorrow is Friday! If you haven't already, get them guesses in. So far most of the responses have been correct!
  13. I agree with Green-winged Teal. In addition to wing pattern, the head shape and bill size are certainly indicative.
  14. One of the prettiest sparrow species, in my opinion. The contrast of the yellow and green against the gray is just *chef's kiss*.
  15. Inner primaries are paler than outer primaries. I'd say Herring, with the caveat that I'm not the site gull expert (who is? let's tag them!).
  16. This was my impression. It would probably be capricious to say it's definitely anything other than a non-passerine bird, but proportions are right for a Buteo and there's evidence of that semi-translucent crescent in the primary feathers.
  17. Any other photos? I'm not sold on Coop by any means. Facial structure is much more reminiscent of Sharp-shinned and a tail looks squared.
  18. I have other shots but y'all don't get em!
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