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  1. Thank you so much. New to birding. So this was exciting that I identified it. 😃
  2. Good morning. Saw this beauty at greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn NY yesterday. Pretty sure it’s a kestrel 😄. Can someone tell me of I am correct. Thanks in advance !
  3. Can anyone let me know if this is indeed a young Cooper’s hawk ? Thank you. Central New Jersey.
  4. Good Morning, saw this guy yesterday in Central Jersey.....I think its a Coopers Hawk?...Thank you in advance 🙂
  5. Please help me ID this bird from central jersey..thank you!
  6. i understand...i will try to figure out how to delete todays..thanks again!
  7. OH sorry, new to here, and i didnt see any replies??? so i reposted this am! thank you!!!
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