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  1. The one on the wire does look like a savannah sparrow, But I'm a newbie too..nice photos
  2. Just wondering if anyone is having issues getting photos to add to their gallery? I've tried a few times to add some pics and after saving and hitting the add all photos nothing happens. I'm new here but wondering if there are glitches sometimes or is it just me? Thanks
  3. This guy is a frequent visitor to this tree.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This guy was feasting on a few sunflowers we had grown in the yard. He was a frequent visitor and posed for a few good pics along the way.
  5. Thanks for the updates and lonesome 55 dove your photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Hello, New to the site and birding as well but identifying even these common birds is not as straight forward as I thought. this makes the hobby more interesting actually but a little frustrating, that's where you come in. Can you tell me if this fella is a song sparrow or possibly a pine siskin? it may be something else but hopefully I'm close. I noticed him at the feeder and was able to take a couple pics. it was early afternoon, in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Thanks for the clarifications...
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