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  1. Okay, thank you for the help. Yeah, I initially thought Cooper's, but again, I am terrible at ID'ing these.
  2. Took this photo in Manhattan, Illinois (Northeastern Illinois, South Chicago Suburbs) today. I'm thinking Cooper's Hawk, but then the head makes me think Sharp-shinned. I've never been great at identifying these species.
  3. That probably is what it was. The first sound byte on Whatbird is practically identical. It was a very haunting, yet interesting sound to hear. Where I took this video, it sounded as if we were surrounded! Weird to find out it's not a call but just the air rushing over the tail feathers.
  4. Heard several of these birds this past summer in the Flathead National Forest near Kalispell, MT and Glacier National Park. These bird calls became very active starting in the evening and lasted throughout the night until near sunrise. I believe we saw one near Glacier National Park. It may have had a white underside and may have been slightly larger than a swallow. This also might not have been the correct bird though. Time of year was early to mid-June.Best times to hear in the video are at 0:23, 0:27, 0:34, 0:45, and 0:53. The volume will probably need to be turned up. https://yout
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