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  1. Really appreciate the help this afternoon on the painted bunting. At the same site in Hilton Head, we saw these three this morning. We believe the first two are juvenile black-crowned night-herons and the 3rd is a yellow-crowned night heron. Thoughts? Thanks for any insights.
  2. Good point. You may be right. Here's one more after it jumped into a nearby bush.
  3. Thanks for looking at the photos. We really appreciate it. We saw the bird in a grassy field between two marshes at the edge of a narrow strand of woods/palms. Here are some more photos if that helps at all:
  4. We were hiking at Pinckney Island NWR near Hilton Head when we saw this. It was exhibiting goldfinch behavior - perched on long grass, eating the oats. We think it is probably something common like a Grosbeak, Finch, or Bunting. Note the yellow belly and gray overall appearance. Thanks for any help!
  5. Hello. The following two pictures are of terns near Wilmington, NC. We believe it is a non-breeding Common Tern due to the black marking on the chest and black bill and feet, but there are also Black, Least, Sandwich, Caspian, Royal, and Forster's Terns as well. Any opinions are much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Seen today, on a marshy inlet where the New River meets the ocean at Topsail Beach, NC. The beak is tucked under its wing and is long, straight, and black. Any help in identifying it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Seen today, north of Atlanta in woods bordering a field. The first picture we think is a Prairie Warbler due to the chest markings and eye line. The second through fourth pictures are of the same bird, which may be a Pine Warbler. The last picture was taken in a grassy field and has a slightly yellow chest which might be hard to tell from the picture. Any ideas? Thanks for all the help!
  8. We saw this bird at 9am today (December 28th) in Drake's Estero, an estuary in Marin County, California at Point Reyes National Seashore. The day was very clear and also cold, around 40 degrees. Many waterbirds were in the estuary including Mallards, Canadian Geese, various gulls, and other ducks. These were among them. The birds had grayish bodies with black wingtips and a black tail, yellow/orange legs and what seems to be a black horizontal line going through the eye. Any help in identifying this bird would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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