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  1. Sweet! I told my wife a while ago, I've wanted to see a Kestrel for a some time. Today I realized why I haven't seen one yet... They are just tiny and too similar to regular song birds at a quick glance. This picture was taken less than half a mile from my house. I'm sure they are around all the time. Guess I need to spend more time actually paying attention, less working in the yard 😉
  2. Seen this bird today in central Virginia, hunting off a power line. To me it looks like an American Kestrel?
  3. Same area, this time I was even able to identify the bird ;)
  4. Totally agree! At least spotting haws is an exciting experience. Unlike trying to ID sparrows or sandpipers... 😉
  5. Belly band. Hmm, interesting. None of my field guides actually show that feature. But one at least mentions it in the text. Dark belly band. Even though on the picture it looks more like a lighter colored belly band to me...
  6. Thanks! That's what I was leaning towards, based on what I'd recently seen in the area. What was the giveaway though? The dark head?
  7. Walking the dogs this afternoon in Central Virginia, we've seen this bird feeding on a squirrel. I believe it to be some hawk but not sure exactly. Can you guys help me out?
  8. I usually say: if you're not sure, it's most likely a crow. When you do see a raven, you'll know immediately.
  9. Interesting. Most of them I see are totally red, without any of the brown patches. Or maybe I don't notice it as much as I try to take pictures from the front 😉 Either way, thanks for the clarification!
  10. With all the talks in the media about the half male and half female cardinal, I was wondering about this bird. I've seen it multiple times around my feeder here in Virginia, but was finally able to take a picture today. Is it transforming from juvenile to adult? Or winter to summer coat transition?
  11. At first I just thought - yellow bird - must be a gold finch. But looking closely on my computer I'm ruling that out based on the beak alone. Now we're in the world of warblers. My best guess at this point is a pine warbler? Seen on 2/10/2019 in ventral Virginia. Thanks for your help!
  12. Appreciate the quick response! Also thanks for pointing out the distinguishing features. I'm still in the early phases of birding, so that helps a lot! Actually I'm trying to catalog my collection in Lightroom, so I might be back with more soon 😉
  13. According to the American Museum of Natural History field guid, this could be an immature White-Crowned Sparrow, but according to Peterson's it could also be an adult Field Sparrow. Which is it? Seen on November 14th in central Virginia. Thanks for the help!
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