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  1. According to my Sibley's, the color matches the "brown adult". Red adult is more saturated, and the grey is: well grey.
  2. Nice capture! And close, I'm down in Augusta County.
  3. I've been seeing Grey Catbirds around my property for years, but never got the chance to take decent pictures of them. This year I set myself the challenge to do just that. I know there is a tree in my back yard that they like to nest in and I also noticed that they like to feed on those red berries, not sure what they're called. So I set up a little twig from that bush fairly close to the tree in my back yard and waited with my camera. While being out observing and waiting for the birds, I also noticed more catbirds in the bushes right behind my "trap". There must be a lot more catbirds around than I first anticipated. Well, after a couple evenings, I finally got the shot: Please feel free to comment!
  4. Cool, thanks guys! This one has been breeding in one of my window flower trays and the young one came out for the first time yesterday!
  5. Not sure if this is a House Wren, or a Carolina Wren? Also what is the determining feature? Seen 6/14/2019 in central VA.
  6. Thanks for that! Larva, interesting. If I keep seeing the bird, I'll try to pay attention to the breast to see if it comes off. If it 2-2.5 weeks old, I suspect it'll be gone soon though...
  7. I believe this to be a young grey catbird that I found while weeding under a tree I've seen catbirds in and out for a while. My questions: Is it a catbird? How old is it? Is it normal not to have any tail feathers yet? What's on his breast? Thanks, Martin
  8. Hi guys, are those Orchard or Baltimore Orioles? Seen April 30th at Blackwater NWR, Maryland. Thx
  9. I appreciate the confirmation and discussion going on, here are a couple more shots from the group in case that helps: Especially the second picture looks really close to an adult breeding (April-August) Eastern Willet in my Sibleys guide.
  10. Couple more I'm not sure about. Last week at Chincoteague NWR in Virginia. Whimbrels? Willets? Thanks for any feedback!
  11. And would this be a Lesser Yellowleg?
  12. Wow, that was quick. Thanks a lot, guys!
  13. Seen this bird on 4/29 in Chincoteague NWR on the DelMarVa eastern shore. Can't figure out what it is, maybe a sanderling? Would appreciate some help on the ID. Thanks, Martin
  14. Sweet! I told my wife a while ago, I've wanted to see a Kestrel for a some time. Today I realized why I haven't seen one yet... They are just tiny and too similar to regular song birds at a quick glance. This picture was taken less than half a mile from my house. I'm sure they are around all the time. Guess I need to spend more time actually paying attention, less working in the yard ?
  15. Seen this bird today in central Virginia, hunting off a power line. To me it looks like an American Kestrel?
  16. Same area, this time I was even able to identify the bird ;)
  17. Totally agree! At least spotting haws is an exciting experience. Unlike trying to ID sparrows or sandpipers... ?
  18. Belly band. Hmm, interesting. None of my field guides actually show that feature. But one at least mentions it in the text. Dark belly band. Even though on the picture it looks more like a lighter colored belly band to me...
  19. Thanks! That's what I was leaning towards, based on what I'd recently seen in the area. What was the giveaway though? The dark head?
  20. Walking the dogs this afternoon in Central Virginia, we've seen this bird feeding on a squirrel. I believe it to be some hawk but not sure exactly. Can you guys help me out?
  21. I usually say: if you're not sure, it's most likely a crow. When you do see a raven, you'll know immediately.
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