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  1. I saw this warbler in Fairfax, Virginia on April 29. I need help with the ID.
  2. Need help with this duck...seen in Fairfax, Virginia on 3/27/22. Looks like a juvenile to me, but was alone with no adults or siblings, also very early for ducklings around here.
  3. Hi- I need help with this bird ID. Photo taken in Prince William County, VA on 9/26/2021. Thanks.
  4. I'm not sure on this warbler ID. Photos taken in Prince William County, VA on 9/26/21. Thanks.
  5. Not sure on this one.... Seen in Fairfax, Virginia on 5/16/21. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, the white tail feather was confusing me.
  7. Not sure on this ID. A Vesper? Photo taken in Alexandria, Virginia on 12/28/20. Thanks.
  8. Not sure which hawk this is. Taken in Fairfax, VA on 11/25/20. Thanks.
  9. Not sure of the IDs on this hawk and yellow bird. Taken today in Prince William County in Northern Virginia.
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