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  1. Thank you...makes sense considering the type of vegetation it was hanging out around.
  2. I'm not sure about this sparrow. Seen in Alexandria, Virginia on 11/20/22. Thanks;
  3. I saw this warbler in Fairfax, Virginia on April 29. I need help with the ID.
  4. Need help with this duck...seen in Fairfax, Virginia on 3/27/22. Looks like a juvenile to me, but was alone with no adults or siblings, also very early for ducklings around here.
  5. Hi- I need help with this bird ID. Photo taken in Prince William County, VA on 9/26/2021. Thanks.
  6. I'm not sure on this warbler ID. Photos taken in Prince William County, VA on 9/26/21. Thanks.
  7. Not sure on this one.... Seen in Fairfax, Virginia on 5/16/21. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, the white tail feather was confusing me.
  9. Not sure on this ID. A Vesper? Photo taken in Alexandria, Virginia on 12/28/20. Thanks.
  10. Not sure which hawk this is. Taken in Fairfax, VA on 11/25/20. Thanks.
  11. Not sure of the IDs on this hawk and yellow bird. Taken today in Prince William County in Northern Virginia.
  12. Saw this Oriole in Fairfax, Virginia, May 24. Is it a juvenile female?
  13. Hi- I saw these 3 birds in Fairfax, Virginia on May 24, 2020. Not sure what type of warblers. Thanks.
  14. I'm not sure about this one. Photo taken in Fairfax, Virginia on March 30.
  15. I'm not sure on this hawk ID. This photo was taken in Washington DC on December 30, 2018. Thanks.
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