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  1. Thanks all and thanks Charlie for the welcome back. I did get some better pics today of this bird in flight. He was still hanging around the same area, exhibiting the same behavior of moving from tree stand to tree stand. At times, yes his tail did appear red, with a band on the tips. But, in a different angle, the undertail is white along with the wing feathers. So, I can see Red-tail Dark Morph (Harlan's) (thanks Akandula) according to the reference pic in Merlin. What do you all think of that analysis? Good call?
  2. I know I have been absent for a while here, but work and life. I however do need some assistance on identifying this hawk. I think it may be a Harris Hawk. This was seen on 2 Jan around Lackland AFB here in San Antonio, TX around noon. I apologize for the not so great pics, but the little bugger wouldn't let me get within range for a really good pic. He kept moving from tree stand to tree stand along the road that bordered a large scrub field. I am going to go back to the area today to see if he is still in the area and attempt to get better pics. Plus, it was an overcast day, so not the best for photography.
  3. Yeah, they don't look like the Corona type.
  4. These shots were taken on 6/29/2019 - mid-afternoon from my front porch here in San Antonio. It was a small hawk and based upon reference pics from Merlin, I believe this to be a broad-wing. I looked at the wing shape, the dark tips on the secondaries, the lighter patagial (I was looking for the darker shade for red shouldered), and the tail banding.
  5. Thanks very much folks. I just hadn't seen this behavior. Now that I know they are sunning themselves,,maybe I should put some sunscreen out for them 🙂
  6. I'm no expert, but I'll give it a shot. The wingbar doesn't coincide with yellow-breasted chat, from the photos references I looked at. I could see Pine Warbler. But, I would wait to get a better informed opinion for a second than mine. I myself am still learning.
  7. I know these guys white wing doves, but I hadn't seen this behavior until about a week ago when we had three of them down in the yard doing this. I just happened to come out with my camera when I noticed these same two doing the same thing on the tree. Reminds me of a broken wing type of behavior, but I hadn't seen this in doves around here in San Antonio,
  8. This was this evening at the local park near my neighborhood here in San Antonio. I am fairly sure Eastern Phoebe, but not 100% due to a few differences that I haven't seen in the EPs I have seen so far. The starkness of the wing bars and in the one series of shots, the darker/dirty look on the throat area. This is all of the same bird.
  9. I am undecided about these birds. This was this past Sunday (2 June) at Lackland AFB here in San Antonio. I believe these two birds are of the same species. They were close together in nearby trees, and the yellow eyebrow is very similar. Only one shot of the first bird, but a series of the next one.
  10. Thanks folks. Much appreciated. I was still thinking Red-shouldered myself, but just wanted to get confirmation because of the paler appearance of the head.
  11. Thanks folks. Very much appreciated.
  12. Researching a little further, and based on Birding Duo's input, I think I can safely say it is one of three: either a Great Crested, Brown Crested or Ash-throated Flycatcher. What it shows in Merlin for territory, best bets are either Great Crested or Ash-throated. I have seen a Great Crested Flycatcher recently, but not at this location. This location is heavily wooded within somewhat of a canyon setting. Juniper trees and other trees as well.
  13. Thanks very much folks. I have some checklist to go back and correct. I had come to the conclusion that it was probably a juvenile, but was thinking possibly red-shouldered. Still learning and having fun doing it.
  14. Thanks folks. It is much appreciated.
  15. This fellow was spotted back in February of 2019 here in San Antonio on Lackland AFB. I compared pictures and came up with what I thought he was (I had only been birding a couple of months), but now that I have learned more, I am not so sure about my initial identification. At the time, I focused on the teardrop chocolate drops on his breast. I don't want to say what I thought it was or what I think it may be now. I would like to get your folks opinions - kind of a check on learning for me. Thanks folks, Mark
  16. This fellow was near the park here in San Antonio I always go to. It was on Friday 24 May, late afternoon. I thought Western Kindbird, but I didn't notice the white edge on the tail feathers as he flew around and I didn't notice any in the pics when I downloaded them. Couch's?
  17. Ahh, I have only seen Swainson's in flight. Looking at the reference pics in Merlin, I can see it.
  18. This was this Sunday morning 26 May 19, at about 7:30 a.m. at Lackland AFB here in San Antonio. Again, at first I thought Red-shouldered until I got the pics downloaded. The banded tail seems to look like red-shouldered, but the head doesn't present the same as the other red-shouldered hawks I have seen on Lackland. Could be an immature?
  19. This was this Sunday morning 26 May 19, at about 7:30 a.m. at Lackland AFB here in San Antonio. However, once I got the pics downloaded I am not so sure for a few reason: #1 - He was perched on the fence along the runway area of the airfield. Most of the red-tails I have seen in the area perch much higher up like on cellphone towers, powerline towers, trees, etc etc. #2 - He appears to be more of a chocolate brown color rather than some red/rufus color I have seen on the other red-tails in the area. #3 - tail appears shorter and no red/rufus coloration. So, I am not sure.
  20. This was Saturday, 25 May 19, here in San Antonio at Friedrich Wilderness Park early morning. Apologize for the poor pics, but he was kind of touch to get a line on for a clear shot with good lighting. I lightened the picture up as much as I could. I noticed some yellow on the underside, and a rufus bar on the wings when I zoomed in the pic. He also seems to have a heavy bill.
  21. This was Saturday, 25 May 19, here in San Antonio at Friedrich Wilderness Park early morning. Apologize for the poor pics, but he was kind of touch to get a line on for a clear shot. I believe it may be a White-eyed Vireo. In a couple of the pics you can see the white eyering and the yellow eyebrow marking.
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