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  1. Ok, talk about luck. Apparently, there are two within the area. The second one came flying in from the north of my neighborhood and he was lower and closer.
  2. This fellow was flying around in my area this early afternoon, 12 May, here in San Antonio. He had been closer in, but by the time I grabbed my camera he was further away. I know not the best pics, but from what I can tell, the darker shoulders on the underwing (patagials? Trying to learn my terminology) and I can see some pattern on the white colored parts, the darker edge along the wing feather edges and the tail coloration is what is making me think Zone-tailed. I have an earlier pic of the same bird that is closer, but it is blurry. You can see the tail alright, but not clear. This would be about the third time I have seen this bird in my area. What is unique at this point, our area isn't known to be within the range for Zone-tails.
  3. I know. I tried to get more pics with a better angle, but unfortunately the little fellow wouldn't cooperate. I could see Alder now that you mentioned it. I went back to look at my reference and description - I think maybe the eyering is main difference?
  4. Thanks guys. I thought maybe, but wasn't sure. Thanks for the confirmation.
  5. Ahh, ok. I can see the female lesser goldfinch. I'm as up to speed yet on the female plumages.
  6. My apologies. It is in San Antonio, TX. I usually put the location - was having brain cramps LOL!
  7. I'm sorry. Yes, in San Antonio. Thanks Charlie.
  8. This was this morning, 11 May, on my usual Saturday trip to Lackland, AFB. There is a road just outside base that goes between large fields of wild grasses and flowers with trees along the road. I know he is a flycatcher, but some of the olive colored flycatchers look so much alike I haven't gotten them down well enough to distinguish them apart. Plus, this is a first seen for this fellow I do believe, so my first lesson on this species.
  9. This was this morning, 11 May, on my usual Saturday trip to Lackland, AFB. There is a road just outside base that goes between large fields of wild grasses and flowers with trees along the road. Again, I had seen a couple of yellow warblers along the road already, so thought perhaps this fellow was another. But, when I got the pics downloaded, there were some things that were different so I am not sure. I am not seeing the rufus streaks on the breast I noticed on the others and he appears to have somewhat of a more olive coloration on his wings.
  10. This past Friday, 10 May, late evening at a near by park. The area has walking trails and small wooded areas as well as being bordered by open fields with grass and wild flowers. He was perched up in the top of the tree. Now, I had seen just prior 2 yellow warblers. So, perhaps my mind was in warbler mode LOL! So, I am not really sure if he is a warbler or not. Most likely not.
  11. This fellow was captured Friday, 10 May, evening at the park area near my neighborhood. The area is pathways with trees and bordering on a field of wildflowers and grasses. At first I thought he was an Eastern Phoebe, but he was smaller than the Phoebes I have been seeing and when I saw the slight yellow tinge on his belly I figured he was a new one for me. He was about the size of a house sparrow.
  12. I thought this ended up being a cool pic. Same tree, three different birds; 2 Western Kingbirds, 2 Golden-fronted Woodpeckers, and a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.
  13. I agree with Kerri on if they are Rough-legged hawks they should be reported. They aren't common to here in San Antonio. Hence, the reason I was wanting to get the usual expert advice on here. You guys have always been great. After @Merlierax said Rough-legged, I went and looked. The pics from my admittedly uninformed view, do appear to be a pair - male and female. And thanks Sean C for the second. Charlie your input is always valued as well. Kerri, I am new at this also, and the folks on here have been a GREAT source of help and I have been learning a lot.
  14. A rare sighting of the elusive Texas Moss Bird!! Look center frame of pic - very difficult to see and shy.
  15. This was taken 30 Apr in the evening here in San Antonio. It was a small open field next to a restaurant that backs up to wood and a creek area. The pics didn't come out as good as I wanted - I was using my backup camera. I am thinking possibly a female brown-headed cowbird - but she is more brown than the other female cowbirds I have seen around. Bronze-headed cowbird possibly?
  16. Ok, I thought I was getting better with my hawks, but this guy I can't figure out. This was this early morning here in San Antonio. The backstory: the whole past week, my co-worker comes in the back gate by the airfield at Lackland/Kelly AFB and he told be about this pair of hawks he saw each morning perched on the fence by the airfield. The other side of the road has woods. He described them to me and I pulled up some pictures based upon what I thought they were based upon his description: Cooper's Hawks. So, this morning (Saturday) I went out to see if they were there and get pics. Sure enough, they were there. However, once I got home and downloaded the pics - they didn't look like the Cooper's Hawk reference pictures I used. The pair was there - but one was on the fence and the other was across the road in the trees. The one in flight is the bird that was in the trees and took off across the airfield after the one on the fence had taken off.
  17. Swainson's Hawk. Just flying around over the house. They just started showing up in my immediate area a couple of days ago.
  18. If Joey from Friends was a Scissor-tailed flycatcher: "So, how yu doin'"
  19. I hope to eventually get better at ID'ing these swallows. This was this afternoon at Lackland AFB, here in San Antonio. It was over an open field, which used to be an old golf course and near a tree lined creek. So, from what I have learned from all of you kind folks so far (if I have learned my lessons well) - I don't see the forked tail like you see on a Barn Swallow and the coloration doesn't match (from what I can see). It doesn't match with the Cliff Swallows I have seen - plus the habitat isn't right for them. Could this be a Tree Swallow?
  20. Later afternoon here in San Antonio today. This little fellow visited my feeder. He looked different than the usual Black-crested Titmouse (Titmice?) I have seen at my feeder. So, I wasn't sure if he was perhaps a Tufted Titmouse (would be the first seen) or a juvenile Black-crested Titmouse. I am tending to lean towards the juvenile, but just want to make sure. Thanks. Mark
  21. Thanks ya'll. Much appreciated. My first thought was red-shouldered - there is at least one I see quite frequently there. But, I just wasn't sure when I looked at the pics.
  22. Ok, cool. I can see that now. I got the bill shape wrong. It just threw me off because they appeared larger than the other Lesser Goldfinches I have seen in the area. Thanks guys. Learn something new every day.
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