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  1. Awesome. Thanks folks. I can't see the spots LOL!
  2. Thanks folks. I didn't think the golden-crowned identification by the tour guide as correct, so that is why I waited until I could ask here.
  3. Sorry Charlie. Uploaded the photo, don't know what happened. Let's try again. It was yesterday, 23 March.
  4. This past Saturday I went out to Mitchel Lake Audubon Center for their Beginning Birding Tour. This sparrow was at the feeders in front of the Visitor Center. The tour guide identified it as a golden-crowned sparrow. But, when I later looked at the info on that sparrow, it's range isn't in this part of Texas. Just wanted to get some confirmation before I added it to my list. You can notice a cream/yellow/"golden" crown on the bird. Both what appears to be a male and a female. Any help is deeply appreciated.
  5. Sorry for the multiple bird request, but this was in one shot. This was taken at the Mitchel Lake Audubon Center here in San Antonio during their Beginning Birder Tour. In the picture on the left is a house sparrow and what the tour guide identified as a golden-crowned sparrow. I have more pics of the golden crown I will put in another post, because I would like to get confirmation on this identification. But, the bird I am really interested in identifying is the larger bird on the right side of the feeder. Again, I really appreciate all of the help I have been receiving in learning this new hobby. Getting better and thoroughly enjoying it (trying to convince the wife to let me get a new camera :)) but my knowledge base is thanks to all of the great folks here on this forum.
  6. This fellow was captured during my visit to Mitchel Lake Audubon Center here in San Antonio, TX during their Beginning Birding Tour. The tour guide didn't see this guy. It was thick brush/undergrowth around the tree. There were two of them, but the other one is kind of blurry in the background. I thought some type of sparrow, but seemed a little large. Then I wondered about possibly a whip o'will.
  7. Went out to Mitchel Lake Audubon Center here in San Antonio this past Saturday for their Beginning Birding Tour. After the tour was done, just wandered around and got this little guy on the pond. Mid-morning.
  8. Agreed Winter. Before retiring from the military, when I was stationed here in SA, always looked forward to seeing them.
  9. Thank you very much. Much appreciated.
  10. Now the challenge - which I imagine won't be much of a challenge. Who sang it? - Besides the wren LOL!
  11. Not sure on this one. This was on Lackland AFB here in San Antonio this past Saturday in the mid-morning. Was just driving along going to my next spot when I spotted the little guy sitting on top of a memorial plaque.
  12. Morning walk around Lackland AFB. Saw this little guy, and got lucky with this shot. Note the memorial plaque.
  13. Sing. Sing a song! Sing out loud! Sing out strong!
  14. Sitting on my front porch here in San Antonio, TX late afternoon. First time I have seen swallows here in my neighborhood (or at least noticed) since I've been living here.
  15. Thanks. I like the enhancement on the pic. My knowledge base still isn't enough to try to id. Hopefully it will help someone.
  16. Again, this past Sunday on Medina Annex at Lackland AFB here in San Antonio. Got one pic before he flew off and wasn't able to get a pic of him in flight. Did observe enough to believe this to be a type of swallow, plus this time of year here in San Antonio on this particular part of base the swallows are known to begin to show up. This little fellow was perched on the line above an area where there is an open field lined by trees along a creek, an athletic field, and a service road. I didn't resize/crop the pic or lighten it in case somebody has better programs for this than what I currently have.
  17. This fellow was on Medina Annex at Lackland AFB here in San Antonio this past Sunday morning. I know from the years I was stationed there in the past, that around this time of year the swallows start showing back up there. I am fairly positive it is a Purple Martin, but just want to make sure. Wasn't able to get any pics of him or his little buddy he was flying with. But in flight, the swallow tail was obvious and their underside was white. Juvenile Purple Martins?
  18. Kerri, That I don't know. I am not up to speed enough to tell if could have been a juvenile Red Shouldered. But yes, it was in the same area as I described above. But to note, the tree line he came flying from was not the along the same tree line. It was a separate tree line he came flying from.
  19. So this morning, I was at the Medina Annex of Lackland AFB here in San Antonio. I was walking along the running trail, turned a corner and there was a Red-shouldered hawk sitting low in the trees. Little bugger took off before I could get a pic. Took about 15 steps and this guy came flying straight at me. Naturally, beginner birder/photographer panic set in and I didn't get a pic as he flew over. But, he landed close by. Naturally, he took off before I could get a good pic of him perching, but did get this two as he took off into the trees. I know not the best, but hey, its worth a shot. His upper body and outer wings appeared to be a gray color and his breast looked like either a Sharp-shinned or Cooper's hawk. I don't know if what can be seen of the tail and underwing pattern will be enough.
  20. Thank you very much. It would make sense. On my return trip around, I did spy a bird on the ground amongst the trees that looked like a Long-billed Thrasher. Unfortunately, my camera and the bird wouldn't cooperate and let me get a pic.
  21. A tale of three hawks: Cold and windy morning here in San Antonio. I decided to go ahead and head out to one of the local parks near my house, probably within a 2 mile radius. So, on the way to the park, I see a hawk flying. I decided to detour and follow and he perched up on a cellphone tower. But wait, he wasn't alone. There was another hawk there also. So I snapped the pictures and watched them fly off - Red Tails from what I could see. Now, granted, I am still new to this, but with the help I have received on the forums here, I felt pretty confident in the identification. So I continued on to the park, where I had seen some Red Shouldered Hawks the previous weekend. Sure enough, there was one there today perched in top of a tree. So, I continued my walk around the park area and got some good shots of other birds also. After my walk, I decided to head home. As I was pulling into my neighborhood, I noticed a hawk perched up on top of a light pole. Snapped some photos, and pulled around to get some shots of his front side. Well, it was a Cooper's Hawk. My wife had snapped some photos of him a few months back on top of a light pole near the house, but hadn't seen him since. I felt pretty lucky today. Was lucky enough to see three different species of hawks within a 2 mile radius of my house - and all here in the city.
  22. Morning walk here in San Antonio at one of the local parks near my home. The fellow looked a little different so figured I hadn't seen one before. I first thought, most likely a mockingbird, similar size, until I got the pictures downloaded. The bill shape and the breast pattern threw me off.
  23. Hmmm. I already have a sun roof - just need to work out the hardware and mechanics. I don't think my wife would mind - maybe.
  24. I think they came to a compromise because they both were back on the feeder.
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