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  1. Again on an early morning walk on Lackland AFB, overcast day. I'm not up on my sparrows yet, but heck, this could be a house finch. But my thought was a sparrow since it was low on the ground, next to a scrub brush field on the one side of the road. Small scrub oak trees on the other side of the road.



  2. I have gotten the pic of this fellow while on a morning walk on Lackland AFB here in San Antonio. He just took off from a tree and I snapped a photo. No clue and I know it would be a long shot to getting him ID'd. But thought maybe somebody would like the challenge - because I am too new at this and have NO CLUE LOL!


  3. This shot was taken at a different spot where my last Red Shouldered Hawk pic was taken. It was an overcast day, so he was just sitting down low in the trees next to a baseball diamond area where some kids were practicing. I had heard him a little earlier, and walked over to that area and there he was. Got within about 10 yards before he took off and I was lucky enough to get these shots.



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  4. When I saw him, thought it was a N. Mockingbird, until I got the pictures downloaded. Once I saw this pics, I could see the color was more brown. These were taken here in San Antonio on a mid-morning walk down a dried creek bed. The bird stayed in the lower branches of the scrub trees along the edges of the creek bed. There were pools of water in some areas of the bed rock because it had rained a couple of days before.




  5. I had posted on this guy before, but the photo I had wasn't all that great. Now that I have gotten better pictures of him, wanted to post again and just clarify in my mind what he is exactly. These were taken here in San Antonio on late afternoon walk to the greenbelt behind our neighborhood. Previously, my pic was of him up on a chimney vent. But this time, he was down in the brush along a fence line. Was able to get fairly close to get the good pics. Didn't seem to be skiddish as long as I move slowly. 



  6. This were taken on MLK day here in San Antonio at Lackland AFB. Typically, don't work on the holidays, but decided to work this day since it was a flex holiday and I could use the hours this Friday to watch my son swim in District Championships. Since there wasn't going to be very many people at work, I decided to take my camera along for when I would go out for a break. From the break area, I saw perched in a small scrub pine this bird. It was across a rolling field so couldn't see it very well, even with my lens. So I started across the field. I was able to slowly come up over one of the small hills in the field and get within 15 yrds of this fellow, and got some great shots. Being new to birding, I feel very fortunate to have gotten these.



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