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  1. This fellow was perched in the top of the tree in my neighborhood here in San Antonio. It was mid-afternoon. There were two of them, but the photos of the second bird didn't come out clear enough. At a distance, I thought it was a Mockingbird based on the size and the lighting (initially only could see silhouette). But as I got close enough to see it clearly in my camera, I noticed the yellow head. Any ideas?





  2. Hello,

    Still learning about how to identify our friends. This one has been puzzling me, especially since I am unsure of the differences between a House Finch or Purple Finch enough to tell them apart. I have been calling these guys House Finches, but this one appears to be so much brighter red and more of it than the others in the small flock that comes to my feeder a couple times a day here in San Antonio.


  3. IMG_7934.thumb.JPG.d01f49f3f967de96c26b55f827f8359b.JPGIMG_7933.thumb.JPG.34353310ec0513aef36ef0cb1beb2a6e.JPGIMG_7932.thumb.JPG.98a95eef70439d0a9b2c779e9e427d93.JPGShot these photos in the am on 30 Dec 2018, San Antonio, TX.  Not sure of the species. I have compared to the doves we have in the area and against pictures - doesn't match any of the doves. I know the pics may not have much to go by. I did see what I believe to be the same bird today in a different area with what seemed to be red/orange eyes/eye rings. Didn't get a pic, it flew off before I could snap a pic.

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