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  1. Just wanted to share some pictures of the pair of painted buntings that we have living in the bamboo thicket in our backyard in Sunrise, FL. Thanks to your forum and members for correctly identifying the female painted bunting that was previously posted. Since then we knew what to look for in hopes of spotting the male. We had previously seen him several times; but, never knew just how beautiful he was or what he was because we were seeing him from a distance with the naked eye. He ap- peared to be a small, dark or black bird with a red breast.
  2. Thank you both so much for your time identifying this bird for us. My girlfriend and I looked at some pics of the the female, painted bunting and we agree and are now hoping to see a male one in our backyard. Thanks again.
  3. I now believe that there may be a pair because sometimes one appears to be thin or skinny like this one at the feeder and there also appears to be a chubby or fatter one that I see sometimes perched in the bamboo like today sitting near a male cardinal.
  4. Bachman's Warbler living in my bamboo thicket update: I received my new, trail cam on Friday and mounted it to a tree on Saturday with a good view of all my feeders; but, it was too far away for the birds to trigger the motion detector. Today, I moved the camera to a tree much closer to the feeders and the birds(mostly blackbirds) triggered 400 photos. The field of view now only shows three of the six feeding stations and does not include the bird bath as before; however, I was able to capture two, decent shots of the bird in question. The very, small bird is olive in color
  5. Thank you Kevin, the bird in question does very closely resemble the juvenile, hooded warbler without the black hood.
  6. Thank you both for posting. I agree with Charlie and The Bird Nuts and am waiting on delivery of a new, Browning trail cam to hopefully capture some photos and/or video. I am using stabilized, Fujinon 12X32 Techno-Stabi binoculars to view the bird and will try to log and note some of it's characteristics. Thanks again for your replies and kind regards to all. Happy New Year.
  7. Thank you for the welcome and reply. The pine warbler was one of the birds we looked at; but, ruled out because it more closely resembled the picture of the Bachman's. I use a 2 to 1 mix of Harvest Seed and Supply No Waste Mix (de-hulled sunflower seeds, millet, peanuts and canary seed) with Pennington's sunflower chips.
  8. Hello, I am new to your group and forum. I believe that I have a female, Bachman's warbler living in the Seabreeze, bamboo thicket in my backyard in Sunrise, Florida which is close to but west of Fort Lauderdale and very close to the Everglades. The very small, olive-green bird with a pale, yellow neck and chest frequents my tube feeders several times a day along with a pair of cardinals, several blue jays, mourning doves, the occasional parrots, too many black birds as well as pesky squirrels and Muscovy Ducks. There is also a canal behind the bamboo with a lot of migratory
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