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  1. Hi! I have iBird Ultimate (v12.01, Build 259) on an iPhone 6 Plus that's on iOS12. I got an iPhone 7 recently, which is on iOS13. When I went to AppStore on iPhone 7 and search for iBird, to my surprise, iBird Ultimate isn't found. Does that mean that iBird Ultimate isn't available for iPhone 7 or up? Thanks!
  2. No. 😉 I always wish that it's a blue sky when I take photos of BIF. lol
  3. I got this cormorant in Monterey, California also last week. Is it a Brandt's? Thanks!
  4. Happy New Year everyone! I saw this cormorant at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco during the past Christmas week. Can someone confirm if it's a Pelagic Cormorant or Brandt's Cormorant? Thanks!
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