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  1. Usually I don't have a problem differentiating these loons, but I'm a little confused with this one. I'm leaning towards a red-throated loon based on the thin bill (although not as thin as I anticipated), lot of white on flanks, more upright posture of the head. Perhaps this one is an immature? The adults with a whiter face are more obvious to me.
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll check up on my Sibley guide later to educate myself better.
  3. Looks good for a common loon. The bill is too thick to be any other loon around here.
  4. Truth be told, I thought this was a broad-winged hawk. Red-shouldered hawks I've seen are more slender. However, given the time of the year, broad-winged hawks are rare, and hence my doubt.
  5. Thanks Bird Nuts. I hope those familiar with the sparrows can provide their thoughts.
  6. 1) I'm fairly certain these are Nelson's sparrows. These have blurry stripes on the chest. Also these are somewhat expected at this time of the year. 2) This one I think is a saltmarsh sparrow based on the crisp streaks on the chest, and the chest does not look buffy. However, considering its getting late for this species, I wanted to check. 3) I think it's a sharp-shinned hawk based on the squarish tail (and the eye-head proportion also seems fine for it but I'm not too sure on this one). I thought it was a Cooper's on the field based on the size, but I guess it could have been a female (or it's just a Cooper's hawk).
  7. Yes. There were a few Greater Yellowlegs in this pool, and a few Lesser Yellowlegs in another pool. Still a decent number of shorebirds sticking around.
  8. The speculums looked blue. Perhaps the early morning light made the green look like blue.
  9. Thank you Bird Nuts & Tony. I considered a Veery while making this post, but I did not realize its color could be this bland. I appreciate your thoughts.
  10. 1) Northern Pintail - These immediately struck me as Northern Pintails. However, those speculums are throwing me off. 2) I would love for this to be a Gray-cheeked thrush. I don't see the prominent eye ring (I expect on a Swainson's Thrush), nor the reddish tail (I expect on a Hermit's thrush). Also the breast looks washed (vs spotted).
  11. I am yet to figure out the difference between long & short billed dowitcher. What do you think this one is?
  12. I actually did consider a yellow-rumped based on the bold, broken eyering. But aren't the wingbars on the yellow-rumped not as distinctive?
  13. Sorry for the lousy photo. Does this look like a blackburnian warbler?
  14. Unfortunately, this was the only accessible angle. So no more photos that reveal more details. And the reason I thought red-shouldered on the field was because of the slimmer look. But researching online says that a red-shouldered usually "shows bands in the secondaries of the folded wing". I don't see them in my photos, and hence my confusion with broad-winged.
  15. Initially thought red-shouldered, but now leaning towards broad-winged.
  16. Thanks everyone. I agree that the bill looks good for a Western. It's a rare bird for MA though (although somewhat expected at this time of the year).
  17. The adult (yellow bill) and the crouched bird in second photo are definitely least terns. The rest I'm not too sure, although they all seem to be the same size as the least terns (common terns are bigger).
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