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  1. Here is what Merlin identified as the Yellow-throated Warbler every time it did a chip call. You can hear it at 5 seconds and 8 seconds. Yellow-throated Warbler maybe at 5 and 8 seconds.mp3
  2. Saw this bird on Jan 18th on the Yucatan, specifically Valladolid. Merlin identified its call as Yellow-throated Warbler. Did my best with my phone camera. Got many angles, but not the throat. It was flitting about in the top of a palm tree just after dawn. Hoping somebody can work with these pictures.
  3. If I hanger a feeder at a beach house (surrounded by dunes and grasses) on St George Island, Florida in November, will I get any birds? I saw Palm Warblers, but nary a Chickadee, Titmouse nor Finch.
  4. Thanks for the confirmations. I hope to get better pics soon.
  5. Sorry about the lack of picture quality. Had to take the pictures with my phone. Roswell, Georgia on Sep 18, 2021, near Big Creek and the Chattahoochee River. Bird definitely had a yellow bill. Slowly moved its head while peering into the canopy. About the size of a Robin.
  6. Thanks to all repliers. The size is about right for Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. My first thought looking at the first picture was a long downturned bill. Zooming in, I think it is the bug. Other pics confirm the bug theory. I ruled out Blue-gray Gnatcatcher because of color; hence "no clue". I guess color is not reliable due to photo being back-lit.
  7. Oriental, NC. June 8, 2021. This bird is about half the size of a Purple Martin. Sorry about the quality of the back-lit photo. Maybe the experts here can see ID marks that I'm missing.
  8. I have read that Eastern Phoebes do not visit seed feeders. And yet, I saw this bird eat sunflower hearts. Sure looks like a Phoebe to me, but I hope I'm wrong; it would be a new bird if I'm wrong. P.S. Roswell, Georgia on May 31, 2021.
  9. Saw this bird on Pig Island in Saint Joseph Bay near Port Saint Joe, Florida on January 12, 2021. Size was comparable to nearby Snowy Egrets.
  10. Thanks for the Snowy Egret confirmation. I'll start a new topic for the heron.
  11. This is a better picture of what I thought was a Great Blue Heron. I hope it is not.
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