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  1. We think this is a Blue-grey Gnatcatcher. This Chickadee sized bird visited us in the canopy next to our third floor balcony. It was constantly in motion, jumping from branch to branch and hovering briefly next to a fern. We heard no call, but when my girlfriend played the call of a Blue-grey Gnatcatcher on her phone, this one showed up and posed for me. This photo was taken on June 6, 2020 in Roswell, GA, a suburb north of Atlanta. This is a new bird for me, so I would very much appreciate a confirmation or correction.
  2. I was leaving the park, in the parking lot overlooking the creek, when I saw this Red-tailed Hawk about 50 yards away and below my vantage point. It saw something on the ground about 30 yards away from me and tried to get some lunch. Alas, the prey escaped.
  3. When I saw this bird in Cloudland Canyon State Park in Rising Fawn, Georgia on March 28, 2020, I thought it was finally my first Hairy Woodpecker. When I got back home and processed the pictures, I talked myself out of that identification. Now I am not even sure if it is a woodpecker. Please help me ID this bird. Sorry about the poor quality, but it was after sunset.
  4. Saw this very large woodpecker fly to its nest mid-morning on March 29, 2020 at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Rising Fawn, Georgia. So sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I did the best I could under poor conditions.
  5. Sorry about double posting this pic. This is the first of nine pictures in a sequence that shows a Bald Eagle stealing a fish from an Osprey. This is my favorite of the series. See "Bald Eagle steals Osprey's catch of the day" in the "Photo Sharing and Discussion" forum.
  6. It was January 30th, my last of 28 days on St George Island, FL. I decided to take my Canon Rebel EOS T6 on my last beach walk. Walking with lens cap on, I saw a Bald Eagle flying away from me. It disappeared behind a cottage before I could get ready. Hoping it would come back, I took off my lens cap, checked the shutter speed - 1200 in shutter speed priority mode - zoomed in at the max - 300X - and got a long focus on the sky. I knew the camera was in burst mode, so I let the it hang from my neck. My girlfriend and I stopped to talk with another couple who had also seen the eagle. We were pointing to where it had been flying and then this pair flew up in front of us. Here are the photos. They are cropped quite a bit, so the resolution is not great. I wish that weren't the case, so I would appreciate any advice in that department. But still, I am proud of the results, and I feel very lucky to have witnessed this with a ready camera. I guess the lesson is to keep your camera near, especially on St George Island. Another lesson might be to hide your lunch from Bald Eagles.
  7. I saw these birds on the gulf side of St. Vincent Island on January 8, 2020. They were hanging out with Terns, Gulls and Pelicans. My girlfriend got a little too close in her kayak and they took flight. We regretted disturbing them, but delighted in the spectacle. I had never before seen this bird. A Whatbird search makes me think they are Black Skimmers. I think there is also a juvenile Forster's Tern photo bombing one of the pics. Please confirm or correct.
  8. I saw this bird at Indian Pass, Florida, January 8, 2020. It was on the beach across the pass from St. Vincent Island. I had never seen this bird before. Whatbird search makes me think it's an American Avocet. Please confirm or correct.
  9. Yeah Jerry. Saw that after I posted. Wish I had seen it before I posted. Thanks gain.
  10. Cool! Thanks, all. Glad to add Palm Warbler to my life list.
  11. Thanks, Bird Nut. I guess we don't yet have consensus. Looking at Palm Warbler pics, mine seems to match the Fall plumage pic.
  12. Taken a few days ago on St. George Island, FL. A group of 6 or so of these little birds (smaller than a house finch) were making short individual flights less than 10 yards, moving the group through the dunes within sight of the gulf.
  13. Taken today in Apalachicola, FL. It pays to take your camera everywhere you go. Was sitting in line, waiting on road repair crew and this beauty was flying overhead. Stuck my head and camera out the window and took these pictures. Have seen many adult Bald Eagles in the vicinity and this one was about the same size as the adults (HUGE!). Thanks in advance!
  14. Taken earlier this week on Saint George Island, FL. This bird spent more time diving than floating. Thanks in advance!
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