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  1. I’ll get the original up as soon as I have a computer around
  2. I really appreciate the argument guys thanks!
  3. This one was at old faithful. Hawks have become my problem bird.
  4. The sparrow is giving me trouble I was even wondering on a Lincoln’s
  5. while in Yellowstone we had a few others we and Merlin struggled with. Any help with any would be much appreciated! first was at artists peak and seen from above. Other two randomly around the park
  6. Hi everyone and thanks in advance. I was in the Hayden valley of Yellowstone and got a few pictures of two of these making lots of noise and circling. What do you think?
  7. Last one from San Diego, this one at the Japanese gardens at Balboa Park.
  8. This is a terrible terrible picture so I'll take a shot at it and see if anyone here can figure it out. It's on the San Diego embarcadero.
  9. I saw this in San Diego's Balboa Park and I'm not a west coaster. Merlin identified as a Lark Sparrow which for me is a lifer so I would love some extra confirmation. Thanks!
  10. Yes the first one is tough. I wish I could have seen it better. Thanks all!
  11. I found these sleeping on the side of an inlet at Sunken Meadow on Long Island. Did the best I could with the pics. Two of the three have some green or blue on them so I'm wondering if they're green winged teals. Sorry for the challenge of these!
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