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  1. Shot in Maryland where there were both birds. Head looks much less pronounced then a Lesser but I'm no expert. Would appreciate your thoughts.
  2. bkushner

    Gull Id

    Thanks again everyone.
  3. bkushner

    Gull Id

    Thanks everyone!
  4. bkushner

    Gull Id

    Thanks everyone for looking at this. Here is another unedited of the same bird showing the underside a bit better. Also a photo of another bird that it was with feeding. Also there were a ton of Ring Billed adults there.
  5. Ring billed or Herring? Shot in Maryland this week. Thanks.
  6. bkushner

    Nest ID

    Thanks I was a member here but had to sign up because of the crash.....
  7. Came across this nest yesterday, about the size of a large cup or small bowl. Located in Smyrna Delaware. Thanks.