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  1. Photographed in June 2023 in Paulsboro NJ..THANKS!!!
  2. Thanks everyone for replying. I didn't think this was a White Face but the post made me question it.
  3. Shot this photo in NJ last year at a Rookery location loaded with White Ibis. Recently someone on Flickr wrote me and said they think it's a Juvenile WHITE FACED Ibis. Here is what they wrote. "I believe it's actually a juvenile white faced Ibis. The bill is shorter with dark brown & tan color, while the juvenile white ibis has blue eyes and all pink bill. Great find as these are not frequently seen in these colors and the bill still that short. " Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. I thought so but the non solid black beak and legs through me off.
  5. This one has me a little confused...shot in NJ 3 days ago..thanks.
  6. I really have no idea on this one. Sent to me by a friend shot today in New Jersey.
  7. Is this a Dunlin? Shot in NJ this week. Thanks..
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