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  1. Thanks. I thought so but the non solid black beak and legs through me off.
  2. This one has me a little confused...shot in NJ 3 days ago..thanks.
  3. I really have no idea on this one. Sent to me by a friend shot today in New Jersey.
  4. Is this a Dunlin? Shot in NJ this week. Thanks..
  5. Anyone know what bird this is? Seen today in Southern New Jersey...thanks.
  6. Nephew found this on his trail cam. At first I thought Peregrine but getting a better look at it maybe Tufted Titmouse? Shot in Southern New JErsey...Thanks and Happy New Year.
  7. Photographed August 24, 2021 in Longport New Jersey...thanks.
  8. This was shot by friend in NJ yesterday. Normally any Snow Geese leftover from winter don't survive until now and August is a bit soon for them to be in NJ.
  9. Here is a video...maybe this helps??? https://youtu.be/U3mVGox6HcU
  10. Yes sorry. This was taken along the Delaware Bay in Heislerville New Jersey.
  11. I'm horrible with Shorebirds.. Are these Sanderlings?Thanks
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