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  1. Hi, I'm not sure about this bird. I was thinking maybe a female Brewer's blackbird? thanks
  2. Ok, here are more pics of the 2 then... 3 of the first one, and 2 of the 2nd one. Can you confirm? thanks a lot 🙂
  3. HI, is this a semipalmated plover seen yesterday in Toronto? thx
  4. HI, is this a greater yellowlegs seen yesterday in Toronto? thanks
  5. Hi, is this a least Sandpiper seen yesterday n Toronto? thanks
  6. what kind of sparrow is that? seen yesterday on Toronto. thanks
  7. HI, I saw this heron yesterday in Toronto What kind is it?
  8. Hi, is it possible to determine whether this is a female or immature rough-legged hawk? seen on Amherst Island in April. thanks
  9. Hi, is that a red-tailed Hawk? an immature one? Seen today in Toronto. thanks
  10. HI, not sure if those are Veeries of Swainson thrushes. seen today in Toronto. thx
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