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  1. Hi, there was a female American Redstart in this area. Is that it? thx
  2. Any idea what bird this is? seen this week in Toronto. thx
  3. Hi, is this s female or a male Eastern Towhee? I was thinking female.
  4. Hi, I saw this sparrow yesterday in Toronto, ON. Any idea what kind it is? thx
  5. Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto, ON, yesterday. Is it a phoebe or a flycatcher? what kind? thanks
  6. hi, is that a fox sparrow? seen yesterday in Toronto. thx
  7. Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto yesterday. Any chance it can be identified? thx.
  8. Hi, I saw this bird from my balcony in Toronto yesterday. Is that an immature red-tailed Hawk?
  9. Hi, I saw this bird in Ontario in the Algonquin Park in February. I saw a male and a female, but not sure about this one. Is it an immature male maybe? Thanks
  10. Hi, I saw those Goldfinches in February in Algonquin Park, ON. Is there a way to determine which ones are male and which ones are female? How? Thanks
  11. HI, can you please help me identify those birds? I saw them in February in Algonquin Park, Ontario.
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