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  1. Hi, I saw these birds in April in Ste Lucia. Do you know what kind they are? Thanks A LOT.
  2. Hi, is that an immature female white-winged scooter? Seen 2 weeks ago in Toronto. thx
  3. HI, is that a common loon? a juvenile one? I saw it 2 weeks ago in Toronto. thx
  4. Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto 2 weeks ago. Is it an immature white-crowned sparrow? thx
  5. Hi, what king of warbler is that? Seen last week in Toronto. thx
  6. Hi, is that a red-tailed hawk? seen yesterday in Toronto.
  7. Hi, is that a Towhee? Seen in Toronto last weekend. thx
  8. Hi, I saw this / those birds in Toronto, ON, in July. So am I correct by saying that since they have yellow legs they are Least Sandpipers? thx
  9. HI, I saw this owl on the French Riviera at the beginning of the month. Any idea what kind it is? thx
  10. Hi, I saw those birds in Toronto, ON, last week. Are they sandpipers? Semipalmated ones?
  11. Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto, Ontario, last week. Is it a yellowlegs? lesser or greater? thx
  12. Hi, I saw this bird last week in Toronto. What kind of Swallow is it? thx
  13. adding a few more pics, maybe it will help. We can see a little black on the chest. so maybe it's a juvenile?
  14. Hi, I saw this bird a few weeks ago in Toronto. Any idea what it is? thx
  15. Hi, is that a female American Redstart? seen last month in Toronto. thx
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