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  1. Hi, is that a red-tailed Hawk I saw in Toronto last weekend? Thanks
  2. Hi, I saw this bird in May in Toronto. Any idea what kind it is? thanks
  3. Hi, is that an immature red-tailed hawk? I'm never sure. seen in May in Toronto. Thanks
  4. Hi, I saw those birds in September in Toronto. Can you please confirm what they are? Thanks
  5. Hi, I need some help confirming which warblers those are. seen in Toronto in September. Can you help? Thanks
  6. Hi, can you please confirm that this is an immature female Bay-breasted Warbler that I saw in September in Toronto? thx
  7. Hi, I was told this is a horned grebe. yet it doesn't have red eyes. is it really a horned grebe? thanks
  8. HI, I saw this bird in July in Ontario. Is it a Greater yellowlegs? thanks
  9. Hi, I saw those grouses at the end of September in the Thunder Bay, northern Ontario, area. Are they Ruffed Grouses? thx
  10. Hi, I saw this bird today in Toronto. Is that a grebe? What kind? Thanks
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