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  1. HI, I saw those birds in Iceland on the road between Hofn and the Ice Lagoon in June. Can you help identify them? Thanks.
  2. Can you please help me identify those birds seen in June in the Reykjanes peninsula?
  3. Hi, Can you help me identify this hawk seen yesterday in Toronto? Thx
  4. HI, are those American black ducks or mallards? Seen today in Toronto. thx
  5. sorry for the bad quality... Is that a Juvenile Spotter Sandpiper? Seen in Toronto, today. thx
  6. I'd say it's a juvenile cooper's Hawk, seen yesterday in Southern Ontario. Am I correct? thx
  7. HI, is that a Female American Redstart? Seen in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this weekend.
  8. Unfortunately very far. Merlin sound ID said it was a Lazuli Bunting. Does that sound right? thx
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