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  1. This is an old picture I have and I'd like a confirmation... It was taken in September in Toronto. What kind is it? thx.
  2. There was a brown thrasher in the park. But this one looks different. Or maybe it is just the light?
  3. Hi, I saw this bird in April in the Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Is it a female cape may warbler? or a pine warbler?
  4. HI, never can't determine what kind of Thrush... can you help? I'd say Hermit? thanks
  5. Hi, I'm not sure about this bird. I was thinking maybe a female Brewer's blackbird? thanks
  6. Ok, here are more pics of the 2 then... 3 of the first one, and 2 of the 2nd one. Can you confirm? thanks a lot ?
  7. HI, is this a semipalmated plover seen yesterday in Toronto? thx
  8. HI, is this a greater yellowlegs seen yesterday in Toronto? thanks
  9. Hi, is this a least Sandpiper seen yesterday n Toronto? thanks
  10. what kind of sparrow is that? seen yesterday on Toronto. thanks
  11. HI, I saw this heron yesterday in Toronto What kind is it?
  12. Hi, is it possible to determine whether this is a female or immature rough-legged hawk? seen on Amherst Island in April. thanks
  13. Hi, is that a red-tailed Hawk? an immature one? Seen today in Toronto. thanks
  14. HI, not sure if those are Veeries of Swainson thrushes. seen today in Toronto. thx
  15. Last from this weekend on Amherst Island... Is that a Hawk? Red-Tailed hawk? thanks
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