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  1. I think Glaucous-winged fits best as well, and I will ask on the "North American Gulls" facebook group. Thanks for the ID help as well as the suggestion.
  2. Sure do! The bird to the right is just a Ring-billed, but there is a Herring Gull to the left. The possible Glaucous-winged appears to be similar-sized to the Herring, possibly a tad larger. Glaucous-winged crossed my mind as I was uploading my original post, I thought I was crazy. Glaucous-winged is a pretty nice bird for Colorado!
  3. No, also its bill is yellow, unlike a female Mallard's orange and dark gray.
  4. Saw this one at Ketring Lake in Littleton, Colorado on January 8, 2018. With about thirty Mallard. The bird looked essentially like a female Mallard, but was a tad larger, male Mallard sized, with a yellow bill, like a male. Thanks for the help on this one.
  5. Seen with a mixed flock of gulls at South Platte Reservoir in Littleton, Colorado on January 8, 2018. I am not good at IDing immature gulls. I looked through all the larger Larus gulls and nothing looked exactly like this; probably molting between plumages. A note about size: the bird was significantly larger than the nearby Ring-billed Gulls. Thanks for the ID help.
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