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  1. Thanks very much! When I look at photos on Ebird, it seems obvious, but I don't think I ever would have figured it out on my own. Regards, Tom
  2. Saw this guy today (Novemeber 1) near Chapel Hill, NC in a marshy woods. Sorry but I could only get a photo from the rear. I'm a novice birder, but after about 15 minutes with my Sibley, was thinking maybe a warbler? Would appreciate help with the ID. Thanks! Tom
  3. Thanks very much! As the bird isn't native to Florida, is it reasonable to assume that it's a captive brought in by Disney as part of their Africa region exhibit?
  4. I apologize for the poor quality of the image, it's a still taken from a video made at Walt Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL in November of 2018. I just noticed this bird in the background of one of our videos, and could not identify it. Some type of Ibis? Thanks for any help. Tom
  5. I'm a novice birder, with a life list approaching 100.  I really appreciate the support of the many experienced birders on this site.

  6. In my front yard in Pittsboro, NC January 12. I have lots of downy woodpeckers and northern flickers, but if I have the ID correct, this is the first sap sucker I've seen. I would appreciate someone confirming or correcting me. Thanks! Tom
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