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  1. Is this an Olive Sided Flycatcher? seen today in Maple Grove, MN.
  2. Seen in North Dakota by my mom last week. Help!
  3. Hello! I was in Bolsa Chica Wetlands, California in April of 2021. I saw this sparrow and I am not sure what type it is. Any help is greatly appreciated! I attached the two photos that I have.
  4. This is the less zoomed photo with 3 of them if that helps?
  5. I was going through trip photos and saw this. I think it's a loon but is there any way to tell what type of loon? Ventura, CA
  6. Thanks! They look so much different than MN subspecies! Our fix Sparrow is very orange and our red tailed hawks are not this dark!
  7. 1) Sparrow sp.? Found in Kings Canyon NP 2) Bushtit?, Venice Canals 3 and 4) Hawk sp.? 5) Rufous Crowned Sparrow? They were all found yesterday and today. Thank you!
  8. I know I've seen them flying everywhere but have got been able to capture them. I thought I was lucky! Guess not this time 😅. Thank you!
  9. Muir Woods California for the Wrens, San Fransisco for the swift. 1)Wren sp. 2) Wren sp. 3) Wren Sp. 4) Hoping for White Throated Swift but not sure Thank you for helping!
  10. Bolsa chica ecological reserve in California today. 1) dowitcher sp? 2) sandpiper 3) Western or Cassins kingbird? 4) sandpiper 5) sandpiper 6) whimbrels? 7) grebe sp. ? Thanks in advance
  11. Went to Santa Cruz Island today and just need some help with a few birds if possible. 1) hermit thrush? 2) Tern sp. 3) Not sure 4) cormorant sp. ? thanks in advance!
  12. Saw this bird with some sparrows and looked different. Only got a photo with my phone before it flew away. Any idea what it could be? Duluth, MN today [img]https://i.imgur.com/ITyg3gS.jpg[/img]
  13. Awesome!! Thank you so much. Tail was forked.
  14. Seen in Duluth, MN today. Out of normal range just verifying.
  15. MN today. Getting Lincoln sparrow vibes but my books don't show the definition of steaks on the breast. I'm not sure what the second bird is.
  16. Sherburne Wildlife Refuge, MN today. Buzzy call.
  17. My mom took this photo and was wondering what bird it was. It was large so she was going with eagle but is is an immature bald or golden eagle. South Dakota today
  18. Was seen in Wisconsin this past week. Has more splotchy plumage than many others seen. Just wanted confirmation. Thanks!
  19. Any idea what sparrow this would be. I know the sound it made to look but there are so many to look through! Zimmerman, MN today
  20. It didn't have a yellow rump. Is that common? Here is the backside photo
  21. Seen in the porcupine mtns in The upper peninsula of Michigan yesterday
  22. Any recommended areas to see birds near San Diego and Los Angeles? Trying to see condors, California quail, jays, sea birds, etc. Coming from the Midwest so I'm trying to get as many species as possible. Looking through national parks some are closed for hiking due to condor populations. Any information is greatly appreciated! We are set to go to the channel islands to check out island scrub jays already! Getting excited! We are going end of April to early May.
  23. I thought so! Just very unusual at this time of year here!
  24. Terrible photo taken from my car yesterday in the Sax Zim Bog. Was hoping for some guidance, if it is even identifiable.
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