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  1. MN Red-bellied Woodpecker, with some fruit or something :
  2. Looks like a Yellow-rumped female. With yellow on the sides, white undertail coverts, slight white wing bars, and I think - stripes on the back. The eye ring doesn't seem split much, though I think it's still a Yellow-rumped Warbler.
  3. MN, Sorry Liam, it's spelled Rose-breasted Grosbeak. What is wrong with editing our post? I have noticed a problem with trying to editing my posts, previously .
  4. MN, Rose-brested Grosbeak. The thing on it's head is a seed that was blowing around, in a few frames, and just landed there temporarily .
  5. MN, Not sure if it's a Juv. Red-tailed Hawk or not. The photo's are of the same bird.
  6. I suppose Ponderosa Pine is a western location, but how about Lark Bunting? Or did Nighthawk look like your bird. And I suspect you meant one white stripe under each of two wings. Not quite sure. Location is of interest as well ( like what state ).
  7. MN, 8-4-19 Great Egret :
  8. MN, 8-4-19 Last week there were some adult Rose-breasted Grosbeaks in the same area, and I'm not quite sure if this is a Juv. - or something quite different. Thanks, ( and I did see Pictaker ID-ed Abe's bird on Sunday. I was just curious if his camera was broke or something. ).
  9. MN, It seems the younger crowd is wearing spiked hair again. :
  10. MN, 7-21-19 I think it's a Juv. Warbling Vireo, though I'm not very sure. The photo's are of the same bird. :
  11. MN, 7-16-19 Common Yellowthroat : Here is the whole shot, I thought it was cool he got into a bit of a yellow patch....
  12. MN. Many of the Mallard chicks in our area about the size of their moms, then these guys show up,. Just such beautiful little beginners, a bit later in the season for some reason, but keeping real close to mom this young.
  13. MN. 6-16-19 It seems like I get to see these guys about once a year, and it somewhat startles me at first. I figured I'd ask what planet he came from but I figure he'd just say their kind just taps into a worm hole, or something - but I don't know that much about space travel, so I just drop it. Looks kind of new somehow.
  14. I'm not sure of this bird's ID. Taken a couple weeks ago in MN :
  15. MN, 6-10-19. Hooded Merganser and some of the chicks :
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