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  1. MN, Pileated Woodpecker : https://imgur.com/edZqZbg [img]https://i.imgur.com/edZqZbg.jpg[/img]
  2. MN, What happened. I better review some previous comments about this. Sorry.
  3. MN, Red-tailed Hawk : [img]https://i.imgur.com/QdArJqw.jpg[/img]
  4. MN, Today. I just like to check if this is a Yellow-rumped Warbler - simply in autumn colors :
  5. MN, 9-28-20 Immature Red-tailed Hawk - on the roof :
  6. MN, 8-31-20 This Osprey was just stretching it's wings in the tree : Then, this is in the air, not long after :
  7. MN, 8-27-20 I suspect this is a young Cooper Hawk, though I'm not real sure : Thanks,
  8. MN, A few years ago, before the big crash of '18 , someone from this site explained to me that the way - that person - decided between juvenile Black-crowned Night-Herons and juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, was to look at the white lines at the leading edges of the Primaries. Both of yours have those white lines, where - that person- implied that juvenile Black-crowned Night-Herons, pretty much do not. I checked my "guide" book to see what it said, though it was not clear about this. See what other, more experienced people say abut these white lines being - more distinguishing, than
  9. MN, 8-2-20 I'm not real sure what it is, thanks :
  10. MN, One mile south of Minneapolis - about. In person I thought it was a "Least", then enlarged a Wood-Pewee, then I figured I should just ask. Here is another shot of the same bird - and again, Thanks:
  11. MN, Great Blue Heron : My last "Flight" photo I put in "Fight" - sorry Keven, but since the big crash of '18 I have had a hard time editing my posts. Before it was easy. I didn't intend to annoy anyone about it, I just haven't figured out how to edit things, since then, into the correct thread.
  12. MN, 5-11-20 I'm not sure if this is a Warbling Vireo or a Philadelphia Vireo. Thanks :
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