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  1. Thanks, Charlie, that's a comforting observation. There is a lot of drama surrounding the passing of larger creatures; less so with birds. They are there and then they are not. I agree with quiet, dignified burial because ditto, only it's a Staffy. :)
  2. Thank you for your input. Poor fellow didn't make it until morning. During the night he had ruffled his feathers around the injury, but there was no blood or broken skin on him anywhere, so it must have been a crush injury. So sad. I will bury him under our 100-foot cedar. What infinitely beautiful creatures birds are. Thanks again.
  3. Hello! Our wildlife rehabbers won't be available until morning so I have come here for advice. I found this medium-sized fellow hunkered down, on the gravel in my carport. He had the strength to hop away from me, but because it will dip below freezing tonight, I gently caught him (with my hands, know I shouldn't have, but it was dark and I panicked) He's now inside, on a towel, in a basket which is covered by a small rug, in a quiet room away from my many pets. As I put him in the basket, I saw a bare patch of skin on his back, dead centre, between his wings, not bloody, just featherless, which shows pretty clearly in the photos. He obligingly moved his right wing when I disturbed him to get a photo showing his beak; I don't think the wing is injured. He's about the size of a robin, I think. I know I mustn't feed him or give him water until I've spoken to the wildlife people, but meantime, can anyone tell me what he is? Many thanks for your advice!
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