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  1. Taken at Jones Beach Jetty, NY. Today.
  2. Many here would agree with Hasan. I was told several years ago that there is a way to distinguish the LB and SB Dowitcher in nonbreeding plumage, (amount of grayness on the breast?). Unfortunately, I don't remember what I was told! but it worked. Thanks for the input.
  3. On left, Point Lookout, NY, 12/3/21; on right Jones Beach West End 2, today.
  4. Taken today at Lindenhurst, NY. Never untucked.
  5. Taken today at Jones Beach West End, NY
  6. Taken today Taken today at Prime Hook, Milton, Delaware
  7. Taken today at Jones Beach West End Boat Basin. L to R 3 Royal Terns, Laughing Gull, Caspian Tern, Royal Tern, Caspian Tern, Herring Gull.
  8. Taken at Jones Beach Coast Guard Station, NY on July 8, 2021. Royal on left and Caspian on right?
  9. Taken today at Hempstead Lake State Park, NY
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