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  1. It seems to display a reddish orange central patch on the throat which would rule out Ruby-throated, I believe.
  2. Coming to a friend's feeder in Delaware, last several days.
  3. Thank you. Had originally used BBCode, which I had used for about 6 or so years on WhatBird but it didn't render the photo, just displayed the BBCCode. So I went with a hyperlink. Not sure what that is about.
  4. Seen today at Hempstead Lake State Park, NY Thrush_2802oa by Bob Anderson, on Flickr
  5. Taken today at Mill Pond, Bellmore, NY Unknown_Duck_1966oa by Bob Anderson, on Flickr
  6. Taken today Jones Beach West End Unknown_Warbler_9781az by Bob Anderson, on Flickr
  7. Thank you. Forster's Tern most likely.
  8. Taken today in the fog and rain as it flew overhead at Nickerson Beach, NY. Tern_103az by Bob Anderson, on Flickr
  9. Seen at Nickerson Beach LI, NY, yesterday. Western_Sandpiper_7971ay by Bob Anderson, on Flickr
  10. Thank you. I went through Sibley and Crossley and could not find a 'comfortable' example/explanation. Yours is great. Thanks, again
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