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  1. this was in Suffolk Virginia, May 20. saw two birds on edge of trees along road fly low and then turn into woods.thought they might be doves. about ten minutes later as I was watch mudflat on the lake, I heard what I thought was the Northern Bobwhite. started Merlin and it says No.Bobwhite. merlin isnt right so im checking here. it starts at 10 seconds in. thank you bobwhite_ at 10 seconds.wav
  2. I was there with Coastiebirder, The red coloring is a leaf and not part of the bird.
  3. Taken today In Virginia beach. I believe Anhinga.? They were very high up and circling like migrating raptors.
  4. Taken today in Virginia Beach. Was thinking Wilson's storm Petral, but bill is wrong and it is white underneath rather than dark. Please help ID
  5. Taken yesterday in Nantucket Massachusett. Song or Lincoln?
  6. This was yesterday in Eastham Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Was watching many black back gulls and Laughing flying over water all in the same direction. This one I thought was A juvenile Laughing but bill seems too pointy and small. Please help Identify.
  7. I took this pic at about 5pm yesterday, may 19th in westchester New York on the border of Connectict. I was thinking Willow or Least but Merlin said Hammonds which would be rare. Please help ID.
  8. Yep that was me. Im anxious lol so I posted in a few places. Is this rare should I report it?
  9. In Wilton Connecticut today. About 15 feet or so high. Am I correct. It was cloudy so pics arent great.
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