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  1. Taken today in Virginia Beach. Was thinking Wilson's storm Petral, but bill is wrong and it is white underneath rather than dark. Please help ID
  2. Taken yesterday in Nantucket Massachusett. Song or Lincoln?
  3. This was yesterday in Eastham Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Was watching many black back gulls and Laughing flying over water all in the same direction. This one I thought was A juvenile Laughing but bill seems too pointy and small. Please help Identify.
  4. I took this pic at about 5pm yesterday, may 19th in westchester New York on the border of Connectict. I was thinking Willow or Least but Merlin said Hammonds which would be rare. Please help ID.
  5. Yep that was me. Im anxious lol so I posted in a few places. Is this rare should I report it?
  6. In Wilton Connecticut today. About 15 feet or so high. Am I correct. It was cloudy so pics arent great.
  7. Thought it was an American Goldfinch at first but looks a little different and the called seemed different as well. Croton park point New York. On Hudson River yesterday. Please help id
  8. Got this guy yesterday in norwalk Connecticut. Fish crow?
  9. Hello all, I took this pic yesterday at Sherwood Island in Connecticut. Its a bad pic but I think its good enough for Id. I think its a Juv. Bald Eagle? Please help Id.
  10. This guy was in the same area. Merlin says they both are seaside, but I always look for other opinions cause its not always right.
  11. Please confirm or correct me if im wrong. I have 4 pics from Milford Connecticut I took Yesterday. I believe a Perigrine Falcon,Yellow crowned Night Heron, seaside sparrow, and a Salt Marsh Sparrow. Thanl you!
  12. I took these pics in Westport Connecticut on August 23. I believe its a Least Sandpiper but also looks like a semipalmated. Please help Id. Thanks
  13. Thank you. One and two are the same bird at a different angle.
  14. First two pics are the same bird taken in poughkeepsie New york right next the hudson river yesterday and third pic taken in ridgefield connecticut a 2 days ago. Please help id.thank you
  15. Thanks, I figured it was a Redwing but was hoping it was a Tricolored as it would be very rare here and a new bird to add to my list. again thank you!
  16. I am visiting Nantucket Massachusetts and saw this blackbird. I know the Tri colored is a west coast bird, but this bird has white instead of yellow. Is it a Tri Colored Blackbird?
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