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  1. Please confirm or correct me if im wrong. I have 4 pics from Milford Connecticut I took Yesterday. I believe a Perigrine Falcon,Yellow crowned Night Heron, seaside sparrow, and a Salt Marsh Sparrow. Thanl you!
  2. I took these pics in Westport Connecticut on August 23. I believe its a Least Sandpiper but also looks like a semipalmated. Please help Id. Thanks
  3. Thank you. One and two are the same bird at a different angle.
  4. First two pics are the same bird taken in poughkeepsie New york right next the hudson river yesterday and third pic taken in ridgefield connecticut a 2 days ago. Please help id.thank you
  5. Thanks, I figured it was a Redwing but was hoping it was a Tricolored as it would be very rare here and a new bird to add to my list. again thank you!
  6. I am visiting Nantucket Massachusetts and saw this blackbird. I know the Tri colored is a west coast bird, but this bird has white instead of yellow. Is it a Tri Colored Blackbird?
  7. Eastern Wood Peewee or Willow Flycatcher? Taken today in Brookfield Connecticut.
  8. this was taken a few days ago at Topstone park in Redding Connecticut. Am I right?
  9. Found this guy today around 6 PM in Ridgefield Connecticut. I believe its Lincolns Sparrow. Am I right?
  10. Thank you! I took a pic a little later of another hawk and I was able to id as a broad wing hawk. Maybe it was the same one, but the fkying one seemed bigger. Thank you!
  11. this guy was being harassed by a Grackle while flying. It perched way up in a tree while the grackle dove at it, then flew away. He was very small, as you can see in the pic its not much bigger than the grackle but bigger than a kestral. I think its a Sharp Shin. This is the best pic I could get.I took it yesterday in Ridgefield Connecticut about 10 am.
  12. I think this is a Cooper's but maybe a Sharpie somebody said maybe a Northern Harrier. He flew over my house in Ridgefield connecticut. He seemed small. Please help ID. Thanks
  13. Loggerhead shrike is the other option and the range map says they just about reach pennsylvania.
  14. Range map has it on the West Coast, but the Merlin app. Says it might be the gray flycatcher
  15. At Hammonasset State Park in Connecticut. Yesterday. Please help id.
  16. At Hammonasset State Park in Connecticut. Yesterday. Please help id.
  17. Greater or Lesser? My brother says lesser because of the egg shape head.
  18. I took this pic a week ago in Sedona Arizona. Very small and flit around constantly.
  19. I think its a red throated but not sure. Took this in phoenix Arizona and found the same one in Sedona.
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