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  1. Thanks. There were certainly robins around. Each "cheerio" seemed to take a little longer and run together less and sounded clearer (less buzzy or sibilant) than I'm used to from robins, but maybe that's just individual variation.
  2. I don't know what happened. This one seems to work: https://clyp.it/efjjgvgy
  3. I'm thinking Red-shouldered, with the longish tail with dark bars wider than light, and the translucent crescent on the primaries when they're spread. Definitely leucistic on a couple wing feathers.
  4. Also you can see in the second picture that the outer tail feathers are shorter than the inner.
  5. With the yellow supercilium and the pale legs and the short tail, I like Savannah for all of them, including both birds in the first two pictures. But I could be wrong. Edit: Well, after being sniped by Blackburnian, I can't be wrong.
  6. It looks much whiter there. šŸ™‚ I can certainly see resemblances to a juvenile Little Blue Heron, notably the dark primary tips, though the legs look very dark and the neck is awfully straight. https://pixels.com/featured/juvenile-little-blue-heron-in-flight-carol-groenen.html
  7. It doesn't look white to me in the photo, but I wasn't there. I've never seen a leucistic (that's how you spell it) Sandhill either, but they do exist. http://majikphil.blogspot.com/2018/08/floridas-rarest-birdall-white-sandhill.html
  8. Welcome to Whatbird! I agree with CoastieBirder that's a male Northern Harrier, with gray upperparts, white around the eye, white upper-tail coverts, and a long tail with a dark band near the tip. Standing on the ground (without any food in his talons) is consistent with that.
  9. Thanks, @von Humboldt. Sorry, I just meant the male.
  10. Back with the same question: Can I call this Mexican intergrade or domestic on eBird, or should I just say Mallard/Mexican? EspaƱola, N.M., this morning. Underexposed: Overexposed and blurry: Other side, possibly suggesting no curled tail feathers:
  11. I'm interested in the clear whistled song, dadweet, dadoo, wededeet. There's also a Song Sparrow with a simple song and/or a Spotted Towhee with a complicated one (I saw both), American Robin, and stuff. EspaƱola, N.M., riparian vegetation near the Rio Grande this morning. https://clyp.it/jotupnov
  12. I meant in all the photos taken by TexasCobra. The last one was taken by the hummingbird.
  13. I agree with Red-shouldered because of the checkered flight feathers and the wide black bands with narrower white between on the tail.
  14. Looks good to me. I'd say that in all the photos you can see the black throat with the purple next to it.
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