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  1. Welcome to Whatbird! Maybe an American Woodcock? Have you noticed its bill? Eastern Whip-poor-will and Chuck-will's-widow seem like possibilities too, as you said.
  2. Not speaking for Charlie, but I know who Bob Saget was (people say I look like him), and I knew he played the father on a sitcom called Full House, so that definitely helped.
  3. The beak is much too short for a hummingbird.
  4. That's a nice place to bird. I agree with female Blue Grosbeak. A flycatcher wouldn't have such a thick beak.
  5. The first one's an immature Bald Eagle with the big projecting bill, white mottling underneath especially in the "wingpits", and relatively short tail. Someone may tell you how old it is soon. The second one is an Osprey with the white underparts and head, dark mask, dark flight feathers, and black patches at the "wrists". Nice birds to have around!
  6. Thanks, I wasn't sure whether that was true nationally. However, there might be a law or even local law about it.
  7. That's interesting. I didn't expect it. I don't know the legal situation for someone raising it, considering that the Migratory Bird Act doesn't apply to it. But my advice would be to put it on a lawn where it can find food, preferably one that's low in pesticides and such, and let nature (or a battle between two introduced species) take its course. Others may differ.
  8. You should call a licensed rehabilitator instead of trying to take care of it yourself. I'm looking forward to finding out what it is from somebody else here.
  9. Welcome to Whatbird! It's common for smaller birds to chase bigger ones, and some species (kingbirds, mockingbirds, Red-winged Blackbirds) are especially known for it. I often wonder what would happen if the bigger bird turned around and attacked the smaller one, especially when a crow chases a Red-tailed Hawk, for instance.
  10. 1. The tail looks too long and the wings look too pointed for a buteo, and the short outermost primary and flared tail, not to mention range, make it a Mississippi Kite. Pass on the others.
  11. Here in New Mexico they live in pinyon-juniper scrub and are very likely to be below eye level.
  12. Welcome to Whatbird! I agree with Solitary Sandpiper.
  13. They climb around on trunks and big branches something like woodpeckers.
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