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  1. Golden Eagles, Rough-legged Hawks, and Ferruginous Hawks have feathers down to the base of their talons. Bald Eagles and the other hawks in North America don't.
  2. BBCode doesn't work any more, right? Let's see if this previews.
  3. There's the White-tailed Kite. The range and habitat aren't right, but you never know.
  4. "The Chaos", by Gerard Nolst Trenité. It's based on the British "Received Pronunciation" of the time (1920s), so some of it doesn't work for modern Americans.
  5. I don't think the spelling tells you whether it's like "silicon" and "military" or like "silent" and "pilot". And we could probably all split one life.
  6. And as a typical juvenile, it doesn't have a red tail.
  7. We agree on a lot, but I'm a PIE-lee-ate-ed guy.
  8. OK, Hawaii seemed to be in bounds or in doubt in the first post, and I didn't read farther than that. So the area for this thread is the continental U.S. and Canada including their territorial waters, and of course St. Pierre et Miquelon?
  9. I rhyme "plover" with "over"--one of the few words where I don't use the first pronunciation in dictionaries. "Scaup" and "glaucous" have the "saw" vowel. The person who told you "scaup" rhymes with "hop" is probably one of the people--about half of the English-speaking population of the U.S. and Canada--who pronounce "caught" and "cot" the same, and "dawn" and "don" the same. (Though "scaup" is a Scottish word, so Scottish pronunciation might figure into this somehow.) "Bewick" is like "Buick". They're two spellings of the same name. https://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Buick
  10. According to the first post, the pictures should be taken in the ABA area. "Specifically, the area encompassed is the 50 United States[,] Canada, the French islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon, and adjacent waters to a distance of 200 miles from land or half the distance to a neighboring country, whichever is less." (I didn't notice till now that Washington DC is missing.)
  11. Possibly not on topic here, but Entropy has had a series of bird-related poems, stories, and essays for a few years. The "news" is that they published a poem of mine, "Rhapsody", a few days ago.
  12. I don't, but I think it was more than we've got here so far. 382. Rufous-necked Wood-Rail
  13. Beautiful Red-tailed Hawk, with the dark marks along the leading edge of the wings near the body and the dark belly band.
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