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  1. It's at least a good clue, according to the people at the Facebook Raptor ID group.
  2. Thanks! If it was a lighting trick, it was a good one, since I took the pictures because she looked gray to the naked eye, unlike the other Mallards I saw yesterday. I didn't see any with her, though.
  3. Small head, small bill that juts out sharply, ridiculously long middle toe, tail feathers seem to be all the same length--I'm going for Sharp-shinned. Great shots!
  4. Yes, a Red-tailed Hawk, with the dark patagial marks on the leading edges of the wings. (You can only see the one on the nearer wing.)
  5. Are female Mallards supposed to be this gray? If not, is she domestic, hybrid, intersex, just weird? EspaƱola, N.M., this morning.
  6. Louisiana Fish and Game? (Or whatever it's called.)
  7. So this lucky shot is a female? Can anything be said about the age? Cedar Waxwing by Jerry Friedman, on Flickr
  8. The dark bands on the tail have straight edges and no white borders, so I'm thinking Coop.
  9. I'm not an expert, but I'd say the white wrapping around the dark ear-patch in some of the pictures and the white on the throat strengthen the case for an intergrade.
  10. Am I seeing a very big foot, like a coot's, under the hawk's tail?
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