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  1. Comment from Shane Brown: "The eBird user is correct with Sharp-shinned. Any reason to suspect otherwise? Dark nape (barely). Small bill at a lower angle and attached lower on the “face.” Looks shorter-tailed than coop." (I replied that the eBird user had heard from someone he trusted that it was Cooper's.)
  2. Any other pictures? And what if I put it on Facebook?
  3. I think the dark part of the nape might end partway down the neck. A I recall, on a Sharpie it should go farther down. Also, the tarsus looks fairly stout. On the other hand, the eye and bill look Sharpie-ish to me, so I don't know.
  4. But raising those feather is what Coops do and Sharpies (usually?) don't.
  5. In addition to the belly-band, an adult Red-shouldered would have very contrasting markings on the wings and tail in this view, I believe.
  6. Western (calurus), intermediate or rufous morph. It does have a belly band, which doesn't stand out well, belng blackish on a rufous background.
  7. Dan Zirbel on FB agreed. For the perched bird, he noted that the lack of striping on the face is within variation, and the teardrop streaking and the wings ending at the base of the tail (which I can't really see in these pictures) are good for Coop, along with other details that distinguish it from Sharpie.
  8. @Colton V These are still bugging me. Can I post them to Facebook?
  9. Common Black Hawk has a shorter tail--the feet cover the white band--and a pale patch at the base of the outer primaries, near the leading edge of the wing. Also, there are quite a few eBird reports of Zone-tailed from Grand Canyon NP in the past month.
  10. Male American Kestrel with the row of white dots or "string of pearls" along the trailing edge of the wing.
  11. I think the last three pictures are Coops, with the head projecting well beyond even bent wings. I also think shots 5 and and 7 in this set have a very similar head pattern to the perched bird and could easily be the same individual. If you don't get a definitive answer here, or even if you do, the people at the Raptor ID group on Facebook might be interested.
  12. The perched bird looks almost like a buteo to me, with the unstreaked cheeks and prominent mustache. But it fits Cooper's better than Sharp-shinned, in my opinion, since the underpart streaks are blackish rather than rufous, and the head pattern is stronger and more colorful. I also don't see the small-head no-neck look of a Sharp-shinned. I also like Cooper's for the smaller flying birds, with straight leading edges to the wings and apparently a well-projected head in the last picture. I like the Goshawk!
  13. Weird pattern on the underparts, with the scattering of black feathers trying to be a belly-band? If you're on Facebook, the people at the Red-tailed Hawks of the U.S. group might like to see this.
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