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  1. Great shots! I especially like that fly, and of course the smiley face on that spiderling in the middle.
  2. Nice shots! I especially like the sunflower and the snowflake stack, and the alstroemeria and dandelion are fun. This possibly torpid female Blue-eyed Darner is about 1:2, that is, if the picture were 35 mm, things would be half the size on the negative that they are in real life. I don't know whether that counts as macro or not. Click through for full resolution.
  3. Correct. I can go further and state based on the antenna shape that it's a very small fly. If somebody told me it was in the family Tachnidae, I wouldn't doubt them.
  4. Eventually they'll figure out that they can winter in South America, and they'll be regular migrants through the U.S. Unless they don't figure it out.
  5. It looks more normal at full length, but certainly the head is cool-looking.
  6. Sorry, I think this one's also in the "dinner time" thread. Video at https://flic.kr/p/YuRPUj
  7. Great shot! I'll believe Paddle-tailed, the "happy-face darner".
  8. Here's the second recordingsongsparrowqmystery23crophipass.mp3 with a high-pass filter at 1000 Hz, in case it's any clearer. songsparrowqmystery23crophipass.mp3
  9. Hi. These are from yesterday morning in riparian woods. First some "wit" calls that sound to me like the one that reminded @Hasan of a Swainson's Thrush, though he said the spectrogram wasn't right. These were recorded about 45 minutes earlier. Then some that might be a woodpecker, with a chat and what I think is a Wilson's Warbler at the beginning. Sorry about the dog. wit24crop.mp3 songsparrowqmystery23crop.mp3
  10. Thanks. A Swainson's Thrush would be astonishing. At some point I'll see whether the part of the recording I cropped out has other calls like that.
  11. Is there a tanager in this recording? Summer? (I saw Western Tanagers--they don't nest down in this valley but they migrate through.) Española, N.M., yesterday. tanagerq28crop.mp3
  12. Western Black-necked Garter Snake, La Mesilla (near Española), N. M.
  13. Thanks. Of course it is. Don't know what I was thinking last year or this year.
  14. Looking back at this picture from September 2020, when Williamson's Sapsuckers visited my yard down here in Espanola, N.M., at 5600 ft (1700 m). This is another Williamson's, right? Immature male?
  15. The fine stripes on the wings are making me wonder about Northern Flicker and sapsuckers, though flickers have more distinctive marks, and when I see sapsuckers they seem to be acting recognizably like woodpeckers. By the way, @decan99, people in a continent-wide birding forum like this are likely to have enough of an idea of Canadian geography to know what you mean by "western Manitoba" or whatever, or if they don't, they're likely to look it up. And you can feel free to mention a town, nearby lake, etc., if you want, though in that part of the world it may not make much difference for bird identification (I think).
  16. I wonder whether it was incubated and fed by the vireo.
  17. I hope you have the chance to get confused by Tricolored Blackbirds in South Carolina! Next: "Woodie" and "Hoodie".
  18. Welcome to Whatbird! Maybe juvenile or molting Black-billed Magpies whose tails aren't full-length yet. Did you notice any other white on them? Even without climate change, birds appear outside their normal range and habitat now and then.
  19. Thanks. It does sound familiar. And let's just say I wish I had enough musical talent that I could have my toes stomped on by a conductor.
  20. Just out of curiosity, is that Allegro Molto the first movement of Mozart's 40th symphony, which is marked Molto Allegro? (I'm pretty sure it's not the finale of the 41st.) I envy you musicians.
  21. A very interesting species, by the way.
  22. I think it is Paddle-tailed, with the black line across the face and the pale slash on the first abdominal segment. Others may be able to give you a more definitive ID.
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