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  1. Red-tailed Hawk: big and bulky, white underparts with markings forming a belly-band. I can't tell what's going on in the other pictures.
  2. As I recall, you're not too old to start a boy band.
  3. I too wouldn't recognize him. I'll take @PaulK's word for it, though--I don't need a summary of field marks. I believe JT's life list is mostly gold and platinum.
  4. And the top of the bill continues the line of the top of the head instead of jutting out abruptly.
  5. Well, sorry, this one's also in the "close-ups" thread, but it is my best shot.
  6. It sure looks like a juvenile Red-tail to me, with the patagial marks, translucent wing panels, and belly-band. To me the wing shape seems within the range that Red-tails can have as they adjust their wings. I agree that the tail is strangely dark on top with the bands much less noticeable than usual. The calls sound to me like the last recording at https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Red-tailed_Hawk/sounds If you're on Facebook, the people at the Red-tailed Hawks of the U.S. group might be interested in this as an example of variation. Or I could post it there. (Don't forget that date as well as location is required here.)
  7. Juvenile male Ruby-throat with his gorget starting? https://journeynorth.org/tm/humm/gallery_plumage.html
  8. Thanks, that sure sounds right. Wonder why it didn't catch the flies that were buzzing right around me.
  9. 1. Pinyon-juniper (mostly juniper) near Española, N.M., this morning. Merlin thinks there's a House Wren along with a Rock Wren or two on this. Rock Wren is common here; House Wren has been observed. Can that be determined? HouseWren2023-07-09 07_58crop1.ogg 2. Merlin only identified a House Finch here, but it sounds to me as if there's something else. FinchPlus2023-07-09 08_59.ogg 3. Just curious on this one, which is from my apartment in Española before birding this morning. Merlin says there's a Bewick's Wren on here along with House Sparrow and House Finch. That trill right at the beginning that's repeated later? It's not beyond the bounds of possibility. (I don't even remember hearing the grasshopper-like sound that's so prominent on here.) Bewick2023-07-09 07_19.ogg
  10. Agree with Western Flycatcher. (I just wanted to say it for the first time.)
  11. And I've never seen Pac-slope. I couldn't tell the difference in the vocalizations anyway.
  12. A Peregrine would have a bigger head relative to its body and much less light color on the wings and tail. The pale tail with narrow brown stripes (narrower than the white) and the heavy light mottling on the upperside are good for Red-tail.
  13. I agree with Swainson's because of the points you mention, the darkish chest, and the wingtips that reach the tailtip.
  14. What are you doing with more than three initials? Don't you know there are people in this world who only have one?
  15. Thanks! Too bad I didn't see it--I don't get to see them often in breeding plumage.
  16. Española, N.M., June 11, 2023, near fishing ponds and trees and marsh and stuff. Merlin says there's an American Goldfinch on here, which wouldn't be quite impossible at this time of year. Do you hear one, or is this Merlin proving that it's still not perfect? 2023-06-11goldfinchq36crop.mp3
  17. A Merlin would have a uniformly streaked breast and belly, and dark irises.
  18. I remember the description in Hawks in Flight that a Broad-wing in a glide, with the wings a little bent like this, has a nearly straight trailing edge, making each wing look like a paring knife. I'd also expect a Swainson's to have darker flight feathers. Here's a Broad-wing with a similar tail: http://stokesbirdingblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/learn-to-id-juvenile-hawks-in-flight.html
  19. Great-tailed, very common here in northern N. M. I'm sure I uploaded my shot of them in the parking lot of a well-known Arkansas-based superstore, so you get a more natural-looking one. Common, one of the first birds I learned as a kid in Ohio (beyond robin, sparrow, blue jay, cardinal). Much less common here, but these were here.
  20. I agree. White-throated Swift has a lot of black underneath and has longer, narrower wings. Violet-green Swallow is much closer, but it has more white on the head, behind the eye, and more on the lower back (hard to see in these shots). Also it seems to be rare in that area at this time of year.
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